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Perforated Shelves on Mobile Tracks

library space saving perforated shelves on mobile tracksA university library housed 14,000 rare and special collection books. To ensure preservation of these materials, they need to be stored in a stable environment where temperature, airflow, and humidity are properly regulated. The unique solution for this storage challenge included library space saving perforated shelves on mobile tracks for storing their special collections. Click here to learn more about high density shelving on mobile tracks and watch a video.

Storing & Protecting Special Collections in Less Space 

During the academic year, the library fluctuates between 1800 and 1900 students per day. With so many students, the library wanted to ensure they were providing the most efficient and comfortable space for them. They also wanted to maximize the storage footprint of both their library and offsite storage facility.library high density mobile shelving storing special collections

The first step was to engineer perforated shelves for their cantilever shelving systems.There is an independent HVAC system solely devoted to the care of the collections room, and the library needed shelving that would allow the system to circulate air freely. The library is entrusted with over 409,000 rare books in the library, 14,000 of which are housed in their collections room. The shelving solution needed to help them properly care for those materials in a compact footprint while still allowing complete accessibility.

The air flow, temperature, and humidity in the collections room needs to be as stable as possible to ensure the longest lifespan for the books. The perforated shelves allows air to flow side-to-side and up and down through the shelves, adding protection for their special collections. When these perforated shelves were mounted on mobile tracks, the library was allowed to free up space for other uses without jeopardizing the integrity of their special collections storage.

The space savings afforded by the perforated shelves on mobile tracks also allowed the library to open up a new quiet study space on their fourth floor by consolidating all of their books on the third floor. Another library was also able to use mobile shelving to maximize their storage space in their cramped basement.

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