Modular Laboratory Furniture Including Casework and Cabinets for Chicago Labsmetal modular laboratory furniture chicago illinois

Medical labs, research labs, crime labs, university labs and pretty much any other kind of lab have distinct furniture needs. Equipment can be very heavy and a variety of people need to be able to use it, and standard built-in furniture just doesn’t provide enough adaptability to handle these requirements. Fortunately, Modular Laboratory Furniture like casework and cabinets are designed from the start with change in mind. We provide Modular Laboratory Furniture to all kinds of labs in Chicago, IL. (view images of Modular Laboratory Furniture)

modular furniture including casework and cabinets for chicago labsModular Laboratory Furniture is Both Cost-Efficient and Sustainable

Most lab furniture is built-in to a laboratory. Say you need to make a change and move a heavy piece of equipment to another counter or relocate a fume hood. With the built-in furniture, these changes are impossible unless you want to rip it out and start all over. On the other hand, you can do almost anything with Modular Laboratory Furniture. You can swap fixtures, relocate it, reconfigure it, and remove it whenever you need. If you do eventually feel like a style update, a set of new drawer pulls or cabinet handles could give your lab an affordable facelift. This makes Modular Laboratory Furniture a very cost-effective and sustainable alternative to built-in furniture.

Different Types of Casework and Cabinets for Your Lab

No matter what you are looking for, we can provide Modular Laboratory Furniture that will meet your unique needs. Here are some examples:laboratory furniture including casework and cabinets chicago illinois

  • Cabinets including freestanding, uppers, lowers, and fume hoods
  • Work surfaces that include epoxy resin, phenolic Resin, lab grade laminate, solid maple, stainless steel, or natural stone
  • Fixtures including wet lab faucets, sinks, task lighting, electrical outlets, and data connections
  • Accessories like pegboards drying racks and computer monitor peripherals

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