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Last updated: August 08, 2018

Wide span storage rack designed for any application

wide span storage rack shelvingVersatility, is it overrated? This is a question that has been a subject of much debate. Wide span storage rack shelving for static and sliding mobile applications proves it isn't by way of its unique design, With a combination of core components and features with a choice of options, it is a platform which can be looked upon for housing just about anything. This includes everything from critical mission military parachutes and police crime scene evidence to museum artifacts and industrial warehouse stock. And, although ideal for back room and warehouse applications used within any number of industries, its design allows for the wide span storage rack to be used in any case where others - including 4-post and pallet racking - fail to meet specific customer needs or space requirements. Watch video and read read article on wide span storage racks on high density sliding mobile system.)

Shelving for static & sliding mobile applications features & benefits overview

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What follows is an in-depth overview of features and benefits provided for by wide span storage rack shelving for static and sliding mobile applications, which allow for it to be accepting of any item. All facets needed to ensure users get the most from their preferred configuration are taken into consideration. This includes everything from strength and durability to versatility and adjustability, just to name a few.

Strength and Durability: The utmost in structural integrity under load is provided for with help from its uniquely shaped roll-formed boxed style upright post design, while the strength and stability needed to support loads over wide spans is offered by the horizontal "Z" beam design.

Flexibility/Adjustability: A combination of things account for the system's adaptability.

  • Beams can be vertically adjusted with ease, without relying on assistance from tools for adjustment, assembly or disassembly
  • Easy to assemble and fast to install, expand or relocate
  • Pick from a large selection of upright, beam and decking-size options

Versatility: Two upright design options are offered for maximum versatility when designing your storage requirements. These include:

  • Fully-welded uprights with 2" boxed posts
  • Knocked down uprights with 2" boxed posts and bolt on horizontal ladder braces

There is also a choice of three different beam options - including heavy duty, standard duty and low profile - to pick from

A handful of decking options to fit your storage needs round out the range of versatility provided for by the system. These include flat wire, particle board, ribbed, solid steel and wire waterfall.

Accessories: Pick from any of these to create a one-of-kind custom unit that accommodates space and needs all in one. Available accessories include:static and sliding mobile

  • Anchor Feet
  • Back To Back Supports
  • Back To Wall Supports
  • Front To Back Supports
  • Tie Plates
  • Upright Splices

Color Options: All mobile and shelving powder coat paint color options are available

Wide span storage rack maximizes space efficiency

A choice of accessories and color options, which are mentioned above, are also available to customize the unit to fill a specific need or space. It also doesn't matter how the wide span storage rack is used, either. Whether employed as standalone shelving or mobilized on carriages, the end result is a configuration of exceptional quality that allows for maximum space efficiency to materialize.

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