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Flexible pull out art rack protective storage

pull out art rack protective storageDo you wish your artwork storage solution had a little more give-and-take to it? If you answered yes, try pull out art rack protective storage. It is the new and improved trendy way for museums and galleries to display works in a variety of different formats, shapes, and size, without overloading static wall space. These systems offer more flexibility than the standard, run-of-the-mill storage solution for artwork. This is because it moves with you as pull the handle, giving you complete control over which direction it moves. Increased accessibility to priceless inventory is also established because the system is mounted to wheels that roll along a rail. This helps keep artwork from absorbing vibrations and keeps them aligned while the freestanding modular screens and panels are moving.

Space-saving freestanding modular screens and panels 

What sets this pull out art rack protective storage apart from others is that it is designed to store more in less space. It has enough storage capacity to accommodate artwork of any form with unoccupied space in between to ensure the authenticity of paintings and prints is protected and preserved for future enjoyment. These freestanding modular screens and panels can be modified to make room for a collection as it expands. This is done simply by adding extra modules to the existing pull out art rack protective storage. Steel made and built to specifications set by you, the customer, these systems can be adapted to fit into as little or as much space needed to let the natural beauty of a collection shine though! View freestanding modular screens and panels and more.

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