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Tool Storage for Corrections Facility

corrections facility secure tool room storage pegboardsWhen a rehabilitative services enterprise was able to build a new corrections facility, staff wanted to be able to start over and handle their corrections facility storage right from the beginning. The corrections facility was able to secure their tool room with mobile pull-out pegboard racks, which are generally designed for hanging artwork and were repurposed for this innovative use. Click here for more information about pull-out racks.

Pull-Out Pegboard Tool Racks

Several storage areas were identified as needing improvement, including tool and supply storage for the prison industries. Tools that the inmates used to build items such as chairs, cabinets, and other items were disorganized and stored in boxes or bins on stationary shelving. An inventory and identification system was in place, but the officers weren't able to identify the tools quickly and all at once. They also worried about not being able to quickly identify which tools were being checked out at any given time, and that this would lead to lost tools that could potentially be used as weapons by inmates. A storage solution was needed that would allow for the tools to be quickly accounted for at all times.

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Mobile pull-out pegboard racks was the surprising solution. Usually used for storing hanging artwork in a compact footprint while providing full accessibility, the pegboard racks were ideal for the tool room's needs.

A simple handle at the end of each of the racks combined with a rail at the bottom made the system easy to use and move for all of the tool room staff. To keep the racks within the correction facility's price rang, they were installed with a non-grouted rail system; this meant that the rails didn't need to be embedded into the facility's concrete and could be expanded or moved at any time.

mobile pull out pegboard racks corrections tool storage

The pegboard was also outfitted with heavy duty hooks for handing tools such as saws, shovels and rakes. When any tool is checked out, a quick glance at the pegboard allows staff to scan for hooks with check-out tags. With the mobile pull-out pegboard racks, less tools have gone missing, and new and old tools cycle in and out of inventory as needed. Officers no longer have to waste valuable time searching and accounting for missing tools, allowing them more time to supervise, assist, and instruct inmates and ultimately contribute to their rehabilitation.

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