In the past, military forces tried to hold servicemen more accountable for equipment used during deployment or mobilization operations through a specialized campaign. It yielded some success, with supply sergeants managing to recover and reintegrate close to $700,000 of gear. However, repeated inefficient storage use and organization still increase equipment loss and misplacement potential. It remains a huge logistical issue across every armed force branch and often contributes to excessive tactical supply use — especially since soldiers don’t usually have the time and energy to retrieve items stacked several rows deep under a disorganized pile. Essentially, this costs the military more money that could otherwise go to pay for better training and prepare recruits for field missions. To eliminate this in the future, some have adopted a more creative approach using an alternative that provides better security and access. This article will explore how military pass-through gear lockers save time and improve readiness.

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How can military pass-through gear lockers save time and improve readiness?

military pass through gear lockersStanding two-tiers high with louvered steel doors, a shelf, and padlock hasp, the secure systems have a typical look that you would expect from standard storage configurations. However, a closer examination reveals a distinct difference. Along with integrating into the wall, the hybrid solution includes double-mesh doors rather than common solid steel backs. While promoting better space use and visibility, the military pass-through gear lockers no longer provide sole access from the front. Rather, technicians have separate access from the other side of the wall and can transfer equipment without leaving the supply storage area. This creates a more secure and efficient exchange of valuable deposited items between personnel who have little time to suit up when duty calls.

Military fighter pilots and more can save time and retrieve essential supplies from storage while standing in the corridor. No one needs to waste valuable time and disrupt supply technicians’ workflow in order to locate necessary gear, including:

  • Helmets
  • Communications equipment
  • Other supplies returned to storage so technicians can execute routine repairs and maintenance

Instead, the military pass-through gear lockers keep these materials and more safe, dry, and ready-to-access whenever needed. Coupled with how easy it is to identify items through grilled sides, the vented storage remains ideal to help recruits save time and improve readiness rates.

Why are pass-through lockers essential to eliminating excessive supply use?

pilots tactical supply storageThis hybrid military storage locker allows secure installation into the wall and includes double-mesh doors with a security padlock hasp that regulates access to minimize equipment handling. With separate access through the rear, personnel can better view and manage equipment flow during exchanges to streamline delivery access. Technicians also remain more accountable while controlling supply distribution frequency, helping prevent loss and pinpoint it as essential to eliminating excessive usage. Rather than spending money on replacements, armed force branches have efficient gear on hand to loan out to servicemen preparing to deploy.

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