I Need to Find Folders & Parts When I Need Them

No matter what industry you’re in and what you store, not being able to find information and inventory when you need it negatively affects your business.  According to a McKinsey report, employees spend an average of 1.8 hours every day (9.3 hours per week) just searching for information—and not contributing any value to the company. Not to mention that searching for information that may be lost or misplaced is time-consuming, frustrating, and results in poor customer service.

We understand how businesses work, and we can help you find the right storage systems to organize your inventory and allow you to find exactly what you need right when you need it. In turn, your business will be more productive, organized, and efficient, with your customers better served. Below are just a few of our storage solutions that can help you.

Business & Office Storage Solutions

  • find folders and parts when you need themHigh Density Shelving: Provide an organized and compact storage solution for your materials.
  • Sliding Shelving: An alternative to high density shelving for smaller applications, these shelves slide on tracks to consolidate storage into one area for anything from office supplies to heavy boxes.
  • Rotary Cabinets: Store everything you need in one cabinet that provides double the storage in half the space as traditional file cabinets.
  • Digitizing Documents: Instead of manually managing paper, digitize your documents for faster retrieval.
  • Lektriever Filing Cabinets: Make file storage and retrieval simple and automatic with this unique and innovative file carousel cabinet.
  • RFID File Tracking: Never lose a file again and find exactly where an item is located in a snap.

Industrial Storage Solutions

  • Vertical Lift Shuttles: VLMs bring requested items directly to the operator with the push of a button, and pick-to-light technology directs users exactly which item to pick from the tray.
  • Vertical Carousels: Carousels bring stored items to the operator and stores all materials at the point of use for quick retrieval.
  • Horizontal Carousels: Using the goods-to-person principle, horizontal carousels deliver parts and allow for fast and efficient batch picking without requiring employees to spend time manually searching for parts.
  • Specialty Carousels: Efficient storage for bulky or specialty items such as print cylinders, textiles, and rolls of fabric.

Contact Us for More Innovative Storage Solutions

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