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Last updated: May 22, 2020

Vertical Lift Machines are a Dynamic Storage and Retrieval Solution

vertical lift machines will automate parts picking

Vertical Lift Machines are a perfect solution for storing active parts. These storage and retrieval systems that will provide maximum storage density and automate parts picking to improve efficiencies in your facility. The Vertical Lift Machine is a basic combination of vertically arranged storage trays that are delivered using an extractor platform to the operator at an ergonomic access opening. Designed with simplicity and quality at its core, Vertical Lift Machines are the perfect solution for stepping out of shelving and into dynamic storage solutions. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Vertical Lift Machines Save More Space Than Standard Drawer Cabinets

The Vertical Lift Machines can save up to 85% of floor space by storing parts and other materials vertically instead of horizontally. The recovered floor space can be converted into revenue generating areas such as production lines, service bays, or offices. The chart below illustrates the amount of floor space savings when compared to standard drawer storage cabinets. (See videos see videos)

vertical lift machines storage density comparison chart

inside view of the automated vertical lift machine

Vertical Lift Machines Provide Maximum Storage Density

In addition to saving floor space, the Vertical Lift Machines can be equipped with cube technology to provide maximum storage density to the inch. For example, as a 3.4 inch tall item passes onto the extractor platform, the Vertical Lift Machine automatically measures the stored items and determines here is a need for a 4 inch high space. The extractor will then move the tray into the nearest 4 inch opening or select the next available opening of a larger size.

Vertical Lift Machines Automate Parts Picking

The Vertical Lift Machines will also automate parts picking. Items can be stored and retrieved with a simple push of a button or be interfaced with parts picking software. The Vertical Lift Machines bring all stored items directly to the operator at an ergonomic counter, which eliminates walking and searching through aisles of shelving for parts. The easy to operate controls will display the status of the unit, monitor the tray weight and provide user management features such as restricted access.

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