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Last updated: March 17, 2015

Temporary Work Spaces Require a Special Kind of Officecollapsible mobile offices are excellent for temporary work spaces

Not everyone works at the same desk every day. Disaster recovery teams go and set-up wherever they are needed. Consultants come in for a short time to work on a specific project. Companies are hiring freelancers for time-sensitive jobs. And so much more. One thing the people need in all of these scenarios is a flexible work spaces.

Investing in traditional cubicles or desking systems just don't provide the mobility or flexibility that companies need. Companies need a flexible solution like the collapsible mobile office from SwiftSpace. The collapsible mobile office gives you exceptional layout and design flexibility.

SwiftSpace Collapsible Mobile Office Gives You Control and Meets Your Needs

Because the necessary parts are already attached, just one person can set-up the collapsible mobile office anywhere, at any time, within a matter of minutes, and without any tools. In fact, you can set-up and take down the mobile office hundreds of times, it’s that durable.

collapsible mobile offices are muich more flexible than cubiclesThe frame is lightweight yet extremely strong and mounted to swivel casters for easy transportation. When collapsed the mobile office will compress to 15% of its size, which means storage is a breeze.

Completely customizable with work tables, privacy walls, and power and data, you have control over what type of mobile office best meets the needs of the worker. There’s even an adjustable desk that allows you to work standing up or at your preferred ergonomic height.   

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