high density vertical storage filing machinesA university’s admissions office used lateral file cabinets, but needed a more efficient way of storing student records. High density vertical filing machines were the right solution because of the better ergonomics the machine offered to employees retrieving and storing records; the easier access to records, which increased staff productivity; and extra security that was required for the confidential records. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How the University Previously Stored Student Records

The university’s admissions office is constantly busy thanks to the almost 3,000 full-time undergraduate students. Between freshman applying to get in to the school and seniors applying for graduation, the office stores over 6,500 records.

high density vertical filing machines push button operation

To store all the files, the office previously used lateral filing cabinets. The university’s admissions personnel didn’t use the bottom or the top drawers of the cabinets because of the inability to easily access records. The office decided it was time to try something new that would enable records to be easily accessible while remaining secured for confidentiality.

The university’s admission office decided on two high density vertical filing machines. the new machines improved staff safety, increased staff productivity, and provided greater file security.

Delivering Records Directly to Staff Improves Safety and Ergonomics

After the machines were installed, staff no longer needed to bend over or reach up to access files. Staff members simply push a button to have the requested records presented to them at an ergonomic level, providing safe and easy access to student records at all times.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical file carousels

Easier Access to Records Increases Staff Productivity

Improving ergonomics had the added benefit of improving staff productivity. The university uses top tab file folders to hold student records, and the high density vertical filing machine stores the folders front to back to offer easy access and improved legibility.

university's high density vertical filing machines

The roll out drawers and overhead lighting make it even easier to access stored records. and the included work counter creates a convenient working space at the machine for quick re-filing.

Doors and Safety Panel Enable Records to Be Locked Up

Because of the bi-parting doors, the high density vertical filing machines can be locked up at night or whenever the university staff feels the need to secure the records. The system’s Safety Information Panel (SIP) lets admission staff know that the system is ready to operate.

The SIP communicates information with a familiar traffic light design to quickly convey the status of the high density vertical filing machine to the operator. If a drawer is left slightly open, the machine will not operate unless the drawer is closed. Once the drawer is completely closed, the machine shows the green light that means it is ready to operate.

vertical filing machines storing confidential student records

Massive Floor Space Savings is an Added Bonus

Although the university was mainly interested in creating a safer and more secure work environment, the high density vertical filing machines also allowed them to reduce the floor space used for record storage. Before the machines, the university used two entire walls and 820 sq. ft. for lateral filing cabinets. With the high density vertical filing machines, the office now only uses 414 sq. ft. for storing records for a 50% reduction in used floor space.

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