Teachers constantly seek innovative solutions to engage and empower their students in today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape. One solution is the classroom active wall.

This versatile and customizable school furniture system transforms traditional classrooms into dynamic and interactive student learning spaces.

Our classroom walls provide a solution that creates zones within the classroom, dedicated areas for collaboration, quiet individual work, and student-centered learning.

Read on to learn about a classroom active wall, its features, and applications inside the classroom. To view more education storage solutions, visit our market page.

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Features of Classroom Active Wall


classroom wall whiteboardOne standout feature of this classroom wall is its multi-functional surfaces, which all serve as projector screens, whiteboards, and magnetic boards.

This allows teachers to effortlessly integrate technology and visual aids into their lessons, enhancing student engagement and interaction.

Whether delivering captivating presentations, conducting collaborative brainstorming sessions, or simply jotting down important notes, the classroom writing wall facilitates seamless teaching and learning experiences.

Electrical Connection

Our Classroom Active Wall has in-wall electric power to streamline classroom activities further. This innovative feature eliminates the need for messy and hazardous power cords, ensuring a tidy and safe learning environment.

classroom active wallWith convenient access to power outlets directly from the wall, teachers can effortlessly connect and power various devices, including laptops and projectors, to charging stations for student devices.


Another noteworthy aspect of the Classroom Active Wall is its slat wall design, which provides educators with the flexibility to add storage accessories to suit their specific requirements.

Increased Storage Capacity

The Classroom Active Wall offers 80 cubic feet of storage space, helping teachers keep their classrooms organized and clutter-free. Each shelf boasts an impressive 250-pound capacity, ensuring educators can easily store books, supplies, and teaching materials.

Applications in the Classroom

In-room library

classroom bookshelf wallsOne application is creating an in-room library where students can access books and resources at their fingertips, fostering a love for reading and independent learning. Teachers can curate a vibrant and inviting learning space by integrating shelves and bookholders into the wall system, encouraging exploration and discovery.

Presentation Zone

The Classroom Active Wall can also function as a dedicated presentation zone. Teachers can utilize the projector screen surface to deliver visually impactful lessons and address the diverse learning styles of their students.

This feature plays a crucial role in incorporating multimedia elements into teaching, helping to capture students’ attention and enhance knowledge retention.

Workshop Area

The Classroom Active Wall acts as a workshop storage area. With ample shelving and customizable accessories, educators can easily store and organize tools, materials, and equipment required for hands-on activities and experiments.

This ensures that all necessary resources are readily accessible, allowing smooth and efficient transitions between classroom activities.

Collaboration Zone

classroom walls supply storageThe solution creates dedicated collaboration zones. These zones feature writable surfaces, allowing students to ideate, brainstorm, and collaborate effectively.

By incorporating collaborative tools such as magnetic boards, flip charts, and sticky note holders, educators can foster teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills among their students.

General Storage

The Classroom Active Wall also provides general classroom storage spaces. Teachers can use these areas to store various classroom essentials, from additional textbooks and test papers to arts and crafts supplies.

This feature helps educators maintain an organized and clutter-free environment, creating a conducive space for effective teaching and learning.

Office Space

Furthermore, the Classroom Active Wall can be repurposed as an office space for teachers. With the addition of a standing desk, organizers, and file holders, teachers can transform a section of the wall into their personal workspace.

This feature ensures that educators have a dedicated area to plan lessons, grade assignments, and manage administrative tasks while remaining within the classroom environment.

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“Southwest Solutions Group is the best managed team I’ve seen in the 15 years I’ve been working on campus, bar none. You could give lessons to some of the other contractors we do business with at WSU! Every detail was perfectly coordinated, including keeping the jobsite clean…. thank you!”

Wichita State University

“Just wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased I am with the renovation. I have been at SMU for quite a long time and for a while I thought that I was destined for inefficient, terrible storage spaces. The transformation that took place was absolutely mind blowing. Chester, Jay, and Marco were absolutely remarkable. They were true professionals and worked extremely well together as a team. I am hoping to find other under-utilized rooms just so I can have them come out again and make them functional. They were able to complete the job even though a whole day was lost due to a power outage on our campus. I thoroughly enjoyed their time on campus and want you to know that these guys are a valuable asset to your company. Again, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team.”

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“Daryl, your guys are AWESOME! Your installation team just disassembled the sliding file cabinets and are heading over to the new facility. Your installers were very efficient and nice. This is a huge improvement from our experience with the other vendor. It is nice to work with professionals. Thanks for the great job!”

University of Texas
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“Derek and Patrick wrapped up round one just a bit ago. I wanted to let you know that everything went well. The guys were super to work with, very efficient and cordial, and I believe they left the space tidier than when they arrived! I know they will be back to finish the workbench cabinets in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to say thank you to them and you for your help with outfitting our lab. Please let them know I appreciate everything they did!”

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