Hospital Bin Shelving System for Chicago Healthcare Facilities

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hospital shelving system with plastic storage bins chicago illinois

Each department in your hospital has different storage needs; the pharmacy needs to store prescriptions and medications while nurses need medical supplies to treat their patients. Our Hospital Bin Shelving System has a modular design and can be configured in numerous different ways so that it can meet each and every need in each and every department. This system gives you infinite options so that when your storage needs change, it can adapt both now and into the future. The Hospital Bin Shelving System works with plastic storage bins to give you a comprehensive and easy to use system. We can provide design and installation assistance for Hospital Bin Shelving System to all types of healthcare facilities throughout Chicago. (view images of the Hospital Bin Shelving System)

space saving hospital bin shelving system chicago illinoisHospital Bin Shelving System Saves Floor Space

The Hospital Bin Shelving System provides double depth storage to maximize floor space savings. The double deep Hospital Bin Shelving System option consists of shelving on tracks that slide side to side in front of stationary shelving. What this set-up does is cut your storage floor space area in half or doubles the storage of medical supplies in the same floor space as your existing supplies storage shelving.

Medical Plastic Storage Bins are Easy to Use Which Increases Productivity

A system that is well organized and easy to use leads to increased productivity. That is why the Hospital Bin Shelving System incorporates colored plastic storage bins that offer quick identification and proper rotation of supplies medical plastic storage bins chicago illinois

There are numerous colors of plastic storage bins to help you categorize and find supplies quickly using color recognition. Bins come in a wide selection of sizes to properly store large and small supplies. Also, the bins come with front, back, and side grips for easy handling and are waterproof to resist rust and corrosion.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services Hospital Bin Shelving System to healthcare facilities in Chicago. To speak with a representative, contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.