Secure museum parking garage parcel wall storage 

These museum parking garage parcel wall storage lockers have fire resistant keyless locks that provide enhanced security to keep packages safe from harm. Smaller than the alternative, it allows easy integration and use with same-size cabinets. Unlike many other options, it does not require employees to secure the lock if wanting to prevent material theft. Rather, everyone must ensure the door closes to keep packaged goods stored inside from being stolen or damaged. Click here to learn more about keyless digital lockers.

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museum parking garage parcel wall storageThe easy-to-operate systems provide tighter security through the new locking mechanism. It allows compartment access doors that users have open to shut easily. During this time, the spring-loaded bolt snaps into place. Then a pin in the bolt ensures no one can tamper with it from the outside. A bright shining LED serves to indicate if the lockers are available or in use.

Lockers’ fire resistant keyless locks can combine with efficient, contemporary software, too. It uses automated and adjustable random codes to ensure more secure package management. Using this method can save administrative time and reduce system maintenance. Units maximize footprint efficiency, but experts can provide individual and expandable modules to fit the available space. 


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“I want to thank your entire team for the outstanding work on our art storage project. The process from beginning to end was smooth and enjoyable, and the finished room looks terrific! Chester, Bryan, Chris, Chris, and the other members were extremely thorough and a pleasure to work with. They followed our house rules and took our direction very well. Thanks again for an outstanding project, and I look forward to working with Southwest Solutions in the future should the opportunity arise. ”

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
San antonio museum of art

“The new art racks are massive and beautiful! I cannot wait to hang art on the racks with those fancy hooks, wow! Thank you for helping me see the project through. The efforts of your team and installation really made the project go very smoothly and on time. We look forward to showing off the new and improved art storage room to our Director, Board Members, and Staff. Thanks a million, it has been a pleasure to work with you and your wonderful team on our paintings storage area.”

San Antonio Museum of Art

“I would like to thank you and your team at Southwest Solutions Group for working with the museum so diligently over the years. I also want to thank you personally for your patience, professionalism and great attitude as we’ve navigated the sometimes bumpy road to completing the Blanton Phase I and Phase II. Southwest Solutions Group will certainly be at the very top of my list for any future museum storage needs.”

Blanton Museum of Art

“Southwest Solutions Group is an amazing company made so much better by having Daryl at the helm of Museum and Library storage space saving designs in the NW. Daryl is not only an expert in high density shelving systems, but he consistently tunes into optimizing long term solutions to complex storage needs and pliable projects. Always reliable and knowledgeable, Daryl and his Spacesaver’s team have been indispensable partners in our world of cultural preservation.”

Seattle Art Museum

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