Spacesaver® Mechanical Assist File Shelving and Hand Crank Storage Shelves

mechanical-assist-filing-shelvesSpacesaver Mechanical Assist File Shelving and hand crank storage shelves are engineered for a lifetime of use. We have clients that have had their hand crank storage shelves and file shelving for over 40 years and are still working great.

Spacesaver “Feather Touch” Mechanical Assist Hand Crank Movement

Mechanical assist hand crank handles require very little effort to move. One mechanical assist hand crank handle can move up to six rows of shelving with ease. The hand crank three spoke handle design is ergonomically designed to make handle rotation comfortable and easy to use. Spacesaver offers multiple gear drive ratios for their hand crank storage shelves to ensure the least amount of force has to be exerted to move your shelving.

Spacesaver Mechanical Assist Hand Crank Shelving Safety Features

mechanical-assist-file-shelvingSpacesaver is the leader in safety devices for mechanical assist file shelving and powered mobile shelving systems. Each of the mechanical assist handles come standard with a safety lock that has a bright, visual indicator showing the lock/unlock status (watch video). When a user pushes in the mechanical assist handle’s safety pin the handle locks in place and will not rotate, preventing movement of the shelving and protecting the user in the access aisle. There are several optional safety features available for hand crank storage shelves to protect users, like the safety sweep that is located at the bottom of the shelving units running down the entire access aisle. When touched by a user or an object left in the aisle the safety sweep engages and prevents the shelving from rolling.

Mechanical Assist File Shelving and Hand Crank Storage Shelves Layout and Design Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group® representatives are knowledgeable in ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs to bring you value added resources. With over 15,000 successful manual hand crank and powered mobile shelving installations, our platinum certified team of 30 installation and service professionals is committed to doing your job right the first time. Contact us today or call 1-800-803-1083 for a no fee analysis of your storage or filing area.


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