Storing long horizontal piping & tubes smarter

extra deep pigeon hole industrial shelvesComparing options for storing long horizontal piping and tubes? An online blog warns readers to remain smart about their choice. The final selection will regulate material access, space consumption, and safety. Knowing this, why not take the time to consider all possible options? Those familiar involve defaulting to the floor or using various storage. Cantilever racks, high-density roll-out racks and stacking racks are among them. Outside of that are extra deep pigeon hole industrial shelves. Units aim to organize materials so that user access remains quick and easy. Click here to see all of our industrial material handling storage solutions.

Extra deep pigeon hole industrial shelves ensure better safety & space use

These extra deep pigeon hole industrial shelves offer 18 to 96 storage compartments. That’s ample capacity to move goods from the floor, allowing better safety and space use. Units also feature heavy-duty construction. Their use is also appropriate for other hard to store items. This includes bar stock, lumber, and plastics to name a few.

Features for extra deep pigeon hole industrial shelves

Features for extra deep pigeon hole industrial shelves include:

Posts: Made from 14-gauge steel, roll formed and welded into a 1-1/2″ wide x 3″ deep tubular “H” type post. Posts punched on 1-1/2″ centers to receive shelf clips. Rear flanges punched for the attachment of side panels.

Heavy-Duty Shelves: Shelves constructed from heavy gauge steel. It has a roll formed rectangular tubular shaped front and rear edge welded to the underside of the shelf. All four shelf corners are lap welded for extra strength. Shelves punched from left to right on 1-1/2″ centers for attaching dividers. The front edge of the shelf is designed to protect against impact loads. Each individual shelf will hold 800 pounds.

storing long horizontal piping tubes

Shelf Clips: Shelf clips fit snugly into the post to hold shelves in place (4 per shelf).

Stabilizer Beams: Stabilizer beams provided for unit top and bottom to eliminate sway.

Side Panels: Side panels fabricated from 18-gauge sheet steel and bolt into place. Side panels provided on both sides to enclose shelving sections.

Back Panels: Back panels constructed from 3/4″ plywood to absorb contact from stored materials (painted blue).

Colors: Posts, side panels, and backs painted blue. Shelves, stabilizer beams, and dividers painted gray.

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