What are Megalift Vertical Lift Modules?

The Megalift vertical lift module provides enclosed parts storage that simplifies material retrieval. How? With help from core design features, including:

  • Vertical trays
  • An ergonomic extraction platform
  • Computerized controls

With the push of a button, items move to operators at an ergonomic workstation that allows safe and efficient picking access. Using smart technology, scalable solutions also provide optimum flexibility to maximize storage density. It automates inventory usage and places faster-moving items closest to the access opening, helping speed delivery. Find out more about ASRS storage. (See videos See videos)

kadrex remstar shuttle lifts storage systems

How Megalift VLMs Save Space?

Megalift VLM ASRS parts storage utilizes overhead space to accommodate small, medium, and heavy transport parts and maximize production capacity. With a small footprint, it’s an ideal point-of-use solution and can save you up to 80% floor space. You can also combine it with other material handling storage systems, including:

  • Conveyors
  • Robotic workstations
  • Automated guided vehicle system for a fully automated logistics operation

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