Meeting the Needs of Today’s Libraries with Library Rolling Stack Shelving

Library Rolling Stack Shelving enables libraries to reduce the space they use to store books

The days where people came to a library for the specific purpose of checking out a book are gone. There has been a major shift in the way people use libraries. More and more people are relying on library services and computer technology to apply for jobs. In addition, students are using libraries more for group meetings and studying alone. However, with limited funds and space libraries aren’t able to expand and are finding it challenging to meet all of these new demands. Library Rolling Stack Shelving or compact book stacks on rails system will enable libraries to reduce the space they are currently using to store books and gain space to meet their users’ requirements. (view images of Library Rolling Stack Shelving)

The Compact Book Stacks on Rails System Stores More Than Conventional Shelving

The Rolling Shelving compacts book stacks on rails to maximize space

The system consists of shelving that is mounted on wheeled carriages attached to a rail system anchored to the floor. This arrangement means that fixed aisles are not required between every stack: the stacks can be compressed into a smaller space and a single aisle is created as needed by rolling the stacks apart to access a specific range. Moving the stacks is accomplished by using a motorized drive system. The Library Rolling Stack Shelving can hold approximately three times as many books as conventional shelving in the same floor area.

Store More Than Just Books in Library Rolling Stack Shelving

The Library Rolling Stack Shelving is customizable so that you can store more than just books. In fact you can store,

  • Videos, CDs, and DVDs see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Oversize materials like maps and drawings
  • Archival boxes
  • Artwork collections

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