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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Patient Room Nurse Server Cabinets

A large hospital wanted to increase capacity and started the renovation process. There were two driving factors in the decision to adopt single-bed patient rooms: reducing hospital-acquired infections and implementing LEAN methodologies. But to implement this new design, the hospital needed a way to store medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in the patient room. Nurse server cabinets were the perfect solution. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Why the Hospital Chose Single-Occupancy Patient Rooms

The hospital began the massive renovation project and was in the process of designing an addition with double-occupancy rooms. But when the hospital brought in a consulting team of LEAN experts, the decision was made to switch to single-occupancy rooms.nurse server cabinets keep medical supplies in the patient rooms

The reason for the change was a new care method that could potentially reduce the length of patient stays, lower the cost of care, and help prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

The new care method revolves around two basic principles:

  • Collaboration between a physician, a registered nurse, and a pharmacist throughout the patient’s stay at the hospital.
  • Alternatively designed patient room that places medications and supplies at the bedside, giving nurses easy access and reducing the number of people entering the patient’s room.

Not only would the new single-occupancy room design impact the bottom line, but it would also improve employee and patient satisfaction.

How the Nurse Servers Helped to Meet the Hospitals LEAN Goals

To store medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in the patient’s room, the hospital turned to nurse server cabinets.
The upper portion of the cabinets features custom-designed shelves that store 85 percent of the most frequently used, everyday items inside the patient room like

  • nasal prongs
  • suction tubes
  • dressing trays
  • pads
  • slider sheets
  • gowns
  • linens and towels

The nurse server cabinets keep these supplies and medications at the point-of-need, reducing the time nurses and staff spend running to gather patient-specific items.

In the corridor, the materials management team and pharmacy staff members are able to access the cabinets without entering the patient’s room. With the ability to slide the shelves into the corridor when restocking, rather than enter the room, there are now fewer patient interruptions.

Benefits of the Nurse Server Cabinets

hospital nurse server cabinets for storing medical suppliesOverall, the hospital has experienced several positive outcomes from switching to single-occupancy rooms equipped with nurse server cabinets including:

Increased time savings: pharmacy staff no longer has to wait until the patient’s room is empty to re-stock medications.

More time for patient care: nurses are no longer running back and forth from central supply to the patient’s room, ensuring they can spend quality time on care.

Better patient satisfaction: patients are sleeping better and more relaxed with fewer interruptions since re-stocking happens outside their room.

Control of HAIs: because each patient has their own room, there is no need for moving patients around when certain viruses are present.

Waste reduction: since supplies are kept with the patient and readily available, they are no longer hoarded or thrown away when unused.

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