For jails, prisons, police departments, detention centers, and other correctional facilities, inmate property storage and release are often inefficient. These facilities may not have secure locations to store inmate property for temporary periods. Inmate property pick-up lockers make retrieving inmates’ personal belongings convenient and save police officers time.

One county jail had to transport inmates’ belongings to an off-site storage facility an hour away. This made the process of both storing property and retrieving it for release incredibly time-consuming for the officers. The same county jail found a solution to this problem in smart lockers for jail inmate property pickup. They installed a set of inmate property pick-up lockers inside the jail lobby and outside the facility to enable inmates’ families and friends to pick up property at all hours of the day or night. The inmate property pick-up lockers provided a secure on-site storage location and streamlined the process of inmate property release.

In this article, you’ll learn about how inmate property pick-up lockers work and their benefits. You can also check out more of our public safety storage solutions here.

How Inmate Property Pick-Up Lockers Work

Inmate property pickup lockerThe inmate property pick-up lockers have cutting-edge software that supports two workflow processes. Officers can deposit inmate property for short-term storage to be retrieved by the offender upon release. If the inmate is detained long-term, officers can deposit the belongings for retrieval by the inmate’s friends or relatives. See budget pricing and Revit downloads.

The smart locker system works in tandem with a web app that tracks locker transactions, notifies family members of property release, and manages the chain of custody.

How to Deposit Inmate Property for Short-Term Storage

Storing inmate property for temporary custody is simple and requires only an incident number. To deposit inmate property, the officer follows this process:

  1. Scan authentication badge at the locker console.
  2. Enter the incident number on the touchscreen.
  3. Select an appropriate locker size.
  4. Deposit the items in the assigned locker.

The incident number will be automatically tracked in the app once the property is deposited. Upon release, the offender can retrieve their belongings by entering the same incident number. You can check out more of our inmate property storage solutions here.

How to Deposit Inmate Property for Pickup

outside locker jail property pick upWhen an offender transfers to a long-term facility, an officer can deposit inmate property in the smart lockers for pickup by family members via this process:

  1. Add a new inmate to the app along with the specified relative’s name and contact information.
  2. Scan authentication badge at the locker console.
  3. Select the offender’s name on the touchscreen.
  4. Select an appropriate locker size.
  5. Deposit the items in the assigned locker.

How to Pick Up an Inmate’s Belongings

Once an officer deposits an inmate’s property in a locker for pickup, the app automatically generates a unique PIN and QR code for the locker. It notifies the specified family member via text, email, and the mobile app.

The family member can retrieve the belongings from the 24/7 lockers at any time using the PIN, QR code, or app to access the locker.

Benefits of Inmate Property Pick-Up Lockers

Inmate lockers personal property pick up for law enforcementIncreased Efficiency

Smart lockers make the inmate property pick-up process quick and easy for both officers and recipients. Officers can deposit property within minutes, eliminating the time it may have taken them to transport belongings to and from off-site storage facilities. The lockers also come in customizable configurations with a combination of different compartment sizes, facilitating the most efficient storage of items of various sizes.

Personnel are no longer responsible for notifying family members and supervising property retrieval, freeing up their valuable time. Recipients can quickly and easily retrieve property at their leisure. And with outdoor lockers, those picking up inmate property don’t even have to enter the facility. Smart lockers make the entire process, from deposit to pickup, streamlined and efficient.

Secure Storage

Correctional facility property pick up lockerSmart pick-up lockers provide secure on-site storage for inmate property until its release. With unique PIN codes for each transaction, the stored property is kept secure until retrieval by the designated recipient. And the software’s automatic tracking provides visibility for the complete chain of custody. Using the desktop app, officers can view transactions in real-time, track the location of each stored item, and retrieve PIN codes to access the locker doors if needed.

Convenient Retrieval

Smart lockers enable 24/7 property release. Since officer supervision is no longer necessary, friends or relatives can pick up property at their convenience, particularly if the lockers are located outside the facility. With access through a PIN or QR code sent automatically to their phones, recipients can retrieve property almost effortlessly.

Contact Us for Inmate Property Pick-Up Lockers

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