A lot of engineering goes into ADA prison benches (also known as ADA detainee benches or ADA holding benches). Prison benches are used to detain incarcerated individuals as they are processed and move within prisons, juvenile facilities, detention centers, airports, hotels, and hospitals. They also are used as holding benches to detain suspected criminals within malls, sports stadiums, universities, and numerous other facilities. These prison benches save facility space by eliminating holding rooms.

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The Growing Need for ADA Prison Benches

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, many inmates in state or federal correctional or detention facilities are classified as disabled. Inmates requiring accommodations for their disabilities can be easily overlooked, resulting in considerable liability. Disabled detainees that need to be handcuffed or shackled to a prison bench to await processing, intake, or other procedures can take significant amounts of time that require furniture that meets ADA compliance needs. This means getting any detainee bench will likely put the institution in the position of being legally liable for the detainee’s safety and security. See pricing for ADA prisoner restraint benches.

ADA Bench Regulations & Requirements

ADA handcuff benches for jailThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates the design requirements of ADA benches to ensure the safe accessibility of disabled people. There are several requirements that a bench must meet to be a compliant ADA bench.

  1. They need to have ground clearance and a clear floor underneath them.
  2. The size requirements they must meet are as follows:
    • Benches must be a minimum of 42” or 1065mm, long
    • Benches must also be at least 20” or 510mm, deep
    • Benches must not be more than 24” or 610mm, deep
  3. The ADA prison bench must have a provision for back support, either by being affixed to a wall or having an included back support. If the back support is included, it must begin at 2” or 51mm, above the seat surface and extend to 18” or 455mm, above the seat surface at a minimum. When measured horizontally, the back can be no more than 2.5” or 64mm, back from the seat surface.
  4. The seating surface must be between 17” and 19”, or 430mm to 485mm, above the floor.
  5. The bench must hold at least 250lbs. of horizontal force. This applies to every bench component, including the seating surface, fasteners, mounting location, and the surrounding support structure.
  6. If the area is likely to get wet, the seat must be slip-resistant and free of water accumulation.

About ADA Detainee Benches

ADA detainee handcuff bench for jailsThe detainee benches come in standard and ADA-compliant models constructed from stainless steel, metal, and composite material. Check out our ADA benches at our online store.

Robust Construction

The detainee benches come in standard and ADA-compliant models constructed from stainless steel, metal, and composite material. All ADA prison benches from Southwest Solutions feature a solid design and construction. They start with a heavy-duty tubular framework, which is highly durable. The detainee benches have built-in handcuff and leg shackle restraint mounts as part of their core construction. This means there is no potential point of failure that can jeopardize officers’ or prisoners’ safety. The restraints are created as part of the bench’s frame and placed strategically so no two restrained offenders can assault or physically interact. However, while restricted in their movement, they can still move to small degrees to avoid getting stiff or experiencing pain.

Composite Detainee Benches

ADA temporary prison bench for detaineesComposite material is the most cost-effective of all the holding benches. The seat slats and back support are made from super-dense, heavy-duty composite lumber. Composite lumber is split-resistant, scratch-resistant, won’t absorb water or other liquids, won’t soften or rot, and only needs a basic wipe-down for cleaning.

Metal Detainee Benches

Metal detainee benches are built for a lifetime of use. Their heavy steel construction makes them a good investment. Like all of our holding benches, they ship assembled and ready for anchoring to the floor.

Stainless Steel Detainee Benches

Stainless detainee benches are corrosion-resistant and require only minimum effort to clean. They are highly resistant to bacterial or viral transfer, reducing the risk of any physical infection transmission from prisoner to prisoner.


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