protecting fragile digital media in Vaults

Firesafe vaultsNot providing the best protection and security of your digital records, digital archives, or other sensitive and irreplaceable information is extremely risky. Digital material, while providing more convenience and reliability than paper, is more susceptible to damage due to adverse conditions such as heat, humidity and condensation, mold, magnetic fields, mishandling, and more. Protecting on-site data, media, and records can be done easily, securely, and in one fell swoop with fireproof modular vaults that protect your valuable information from much more than just fires.

For the maximum protection possible, concrete vaults won’t do the job and will even destroy your digital records in the event of a fire. In a fire, escaping steam from concrete walls will raise the temperature in the vault to 212 degrees and the humidity to 100%; digital media is generally destroyed at around 125 degrees and with a relative humidity at 80% or above. The modular fireproof vaults solve this problem with their spun ceramic material construction. The clean agent fire suppressant that is released will also not harm digital media, computer equipment, or personnel.

fireproof modular vault features

Additional features of the modular fireproof vaults for protecting your on-site data media and records include:Media protection vaults

  • Ideal for storing paper records, digital media, servers and other IT infrastructure, priceless items, film masters, core programming code, biological and stability samples, and more.
  • Modular construction: The vaults are built from panels 24 inches wide and with heights that can vary from 8 to 20 feet.
  • Modular vault panels are lightweight to allow for maximum storage flexibility without exceeding floorload requirements in high rise office buildings.
  • Vault panels are constructed from spun ceramic material capable of withstanding temperatures above 2000°F for five hours.
  • UL class 125 vault door assembly is made up of an outer and inner vault door. The thermal break between the doors increases the barriers to migrating heat, which enhances data protection.
  • Specially designed cable trays to prevent heat from metal conduit to be carried into vault rooms.
  • Structural steel design offers three times the strength of normal building constructions.
  • Magnetic shielding components protect against common electromagnetic fields that can damage digital media.
  • A roof deck protects the vault when sprinklers activate or during a fire fighting process.
  • Vaults are pre-designed to integrate dust and vapor resistant lighting, humidity control, and fire suppression systems. The AC duct/damper assembly provides air circulation without compromising the integrity of the vault.
  • Modular vaults are light enough to install on an upper floor and adaptable enough to move to a new location.
  • Multi-level vault options are available to provide higher density storage.

The vaults can store paper records, digital media, servers and IT infrastructure, priceless and archive items, film masters, core programming code, biological samples, and more. Because of their wide storage ability, they are ideal for a large number of different applications such as banks, financial facilities, government facilities, historical artifact preservation, server rooms, and anywhere else that stores valuable digital media and backups.

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