Hard Drive Monitoring Software for IT Systems Administrators that Includes Predictive Failure and Secure Erase Features

hard drive monitoring software that gives you predictive failure command menuSANtools’ hard drive monitoring software – SMARTMon-UX – gives you more features and diagnostic information than any type of open source products or factory installed software including predictive failure, secure erase, burn in capabilities, manipulating LED/Fault lights, self-healing, programming S.M.A.R.T., and more. Instead of waiting for the red light to turn on to tell you your drive is bad and needs to be replaced, SANtools’ hard drive monitoring software tells you what is going on before anything actually crashes. Any business that has valuable data from system integrators and data centers to manage service providers and end users will all benefit from SANtools’ SMARTMon-UX technology.

Why Do I Need SANtools’ Hard Drive Monitoring Software?

What you may not know, is that inside all disk drives are hidden utilities. SANTools’ hard drive monitoring software allows access to these hidden utilities and reveals everything that is going on behind the scenes. SMARTMon-UX goes above and beyond any type of open source diagnostic product to report on things like recovered errors, bad blocks, and throughput settings. Also, SMARTMon-UX is one of the only brands of hard drive monitoring software that will run on every operating system.

SANtool's Secure erase is HIPAA and DOD compliantWhy is Predictive Failure Important?

If you are waiting to repair or replace a drive until after it has failed, it could be too late. The drive could have been sending bad data and errors all over your network, which means you’re at risk of losing everything. SANtools’ SMARTMon-UX takes a proactive approach to give you the information you need way before there is a problem. Not only can you protect your information with predictive failure, you can save valuable time, energy, and productivity.

Secure Erase Helps you Maintain HIPAA and DOD Compliancy

Shredding and destroying your hard drives may seem to be the only way to really make sure that all your information is wiped out, but it’s not. SANtools’ SMARTMon-UX has secure erase features that will completely wipe a drive all the way to the binary level. This will help you maintain HIPAA and Department of Defense (DOD) compliance.

Contact Us to Learn More about SANtools’ Hard Drive Monitoring Software

Southwest Solutions Group® has partnered with SANtools to provide you with this innovative hard drive monitoring software. To learn more about the predictive failure, secure erase, or any other features, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 ext. 3693 and ask to speak with Craig Crock.