CSI 10 56 26 high density storage

csi specification 10 56 26 motorized high density storage shelvingCSI specification 10 56 26 manual and motorized high density storage shelving is a more efficient storage solution than four drawer file cabinets or shelving with stationary aisles. The manual and motorized high density shelving can be used in a wide variety of markets and will reduce your filing or storage area by 50% by converting static aisle space into one or two movable aisles. Eliminating this wasted aisle space condenses materials and allows you to take back valuable storage space for other uses.

manual & motorized storage shelving on tracks

There are two types of high density shelving: manual and motorized. Manual shelving includes the use of either a handle or an ergonomic three-spoke crank to access movable aisles, while motorized shelving can be accessed with just the push of a button.

Manual shelving (CSI 10 56 26.13) allows users to access shelves with the pull of a handle or the turn of a three-spoke crank. Handles are ideal for low-activity storage areas with lighter loads. The hand cranks on the manual systems can move up to six rows of shelving with ease and are ergonomically designed to make handle rotation comfortable and easy to use. Multiple gear drive ratios are available to ensure that the least amount of force has to be exerted to move the shelving.

csi 105626 manual mechanical assist high density storage shelving with hand cranksMotorized shelving (CSI 10 56 26.23) provides ease of use for storage areas with higher activity and heavier items. The motorized shelving can store anything from files and boxes to bulky industrial items that can be accessed with the push of a button. The motorized shelving units come with standard face panel controls and can also be configured with infrared remote access or LED touchpad controls. With motorized access, users can easily and automatically open and close aisles, open aisles evenly for ventilation, open each aisle in sequence, or move carriages to predetermined positions. A battery back-up option automatically switches to battery power when AC power is lost so you never lose access to your storage. A variety of safety features can be added to protect users and stored materials.

With the CSI 10 56 26 manual and motorized high density storage shelving, employees are able to access stored materials easily and without wandering through aisles and searching through rows of shelving, increasing productivity and improving employee ergonomics. New or existing shelving, cabinets, or storage racks can be mounted on the carriages for even more cost savings.

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