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Affordable & sanitary stainless storage cabinet kits

stainless storage cabinet kitsStainless storage cabinet kits provide adjustable rust resistant test kitchen casegoods that chefs working in small space environments can afford and keep clean. Have experts adapt open base units with access doors or drawers which provide dust protection to allow sanitary utensil handling. Others hanging overhead on walls have a tempered glass design durable enough to contain spills that create unsanitary cooking conditions.

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Adjustable rust resistant test kitchen casegoods

The adjustable rust resistant test kitchen casegoods have interior shelves flexible enough to help users optimize space based on inventory needs. Adapting the components in 1/2" increments ensures enough space to keep stored items from getting damaged. Facilities accumulate less waste and have fewer replacement ingredient costs.

adjustable rust resistant test kitchen casegoodsSystems stand against or install to walls, allowing cooks to repurpose the floor space to accommodate more productive activities. Culinary experts have everything needed to create recipes within convenient reach and can spend more time perfecting restaurant dishes.

Construction: All-welded cabinets made from type 304 stainless steel durable enough to provide lasting, reliable service.

Space-efficient shelves and sloping cabinet tops made from 20-gauge construction sturdy enough to prevent dust accumulation and promote cleanliness from the inside out.

Cabinet ends, bottom shelves, back panels, vertical posts, uprights, and access panels all feature sturdy 18-gauge construction.

Cabinet top front rails, case tops, top rear gussets, and intermediate horizontal rails made from 16-gauge construction.

Counter Tops: Tops made from 16-gauge 304 stainless steel with hat channel reinforcements and 4" high backsplash with square turndown edges on the front and ends. Tops ship in one piece up to 12' and experts can provide more information about custom sizing should 12' not maneuver through the facility.

Base and Upper Cabinets: Base and upper cabinets have a welded framework (base cabinets have convenient one-piece removable back panels). Each door comes with a 4" stainless steel wire pull handle to allow users easier ergonomic access. Upper cabinets have 1/4" thick tempered glass and optional sloped tops where indicated on drawings.

Shelves: Shelves can accommodate adjustments on 1/2" increments, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions. 

Adjustable Feet: All base cabinets have adjustable feet that provide balance to prevent unsteady use on uneven floors.

Finish: Stainless steel design that provides a clean and attractive look.

Assembly: Cabinets ship with doors and drawers pre-installed where indicated, but interior shelves, handle pulls, and tops require installation on location.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty on all defective component parts.

Certifications: Casework construction and performance characteristics comply with SEFA 8M Metal standards.

Made in the USA

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