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Last updated: June 22, 2016

Heavy-Duty Metal & Steel Outdoor Cabinets

outdoor steel metal storage cabinetsWhen it comes to heavy-duty and outdoor storage, you need a solution that will be able to fit all of your needs and won't rust, corrode, or sustain damage from the elements. Multiple outdoor steel and metal storage cabinets are available as large, locking, and heavy-duty storage options that will store, protect, and allow your inventory to be easily accessed by those who need it.

Cabinets for Outdoor Equipment Storage

The standard heavy-duty cabinet is perfect for equipment and supply storage applications. With 12 gauge manufactured steel components, the cabinets have all the features to last a lifetime of use even in a rough outdoor manufacturing environment.

With 3 different models to choose from at 79" heights and 4 adjustable shelves, the outdoor cabinets can hold up to 1900 lbs on each shelf to provide the heavy-duty storage you need. The 4 shelves are 21.5 inches deep, with the ability to add more if needed. A 3-point locking device is included with a hasp in the handle for use with a padlock. For ease of lifting and mobility, the 6-inch tall seven-gauge legs are welded so the cabinet can be moved to and from different areas.locking large heavy duty steel metal storage cabinets

Multi-compartment outdoor cabinets are also available with 6 drawers and lockable solid doors. Each drawer is capable of storing up to 400 lbs and is 68" in height. A slope top is also included to keep water from sitting at the top, and contains a gasket sealed door frame and rain guard.

Each cabinet has a durable powder coat finish available in a variety of colors.

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