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Last updated: July 13, 2017

An Easy Solution for Solving Document Management Issues

storing paper and documents in oblique hanging compartmentsOblique hanging compartments are an innovative solution for solving paper and document management problems. The compartments conform to the shape of your stored documents so that no space is wasted. And their durable construction ensures your investment will be around for a very long time. Plus, the hanging rail system allows the Oblique compartments to be installed almost anywhere – shelving, cabinets, mobile systems, vertical carousels, or rotary cabinets.

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Oblique Hanging Compartments for a Variety of Applications

Because the Oblique hanging compartments store more than just paperwork, they can be used for a variety of applications. (View pictures to see how businesses use the Oblique hanging compartments.)

  • Loan trust files
  • Blueprints and large plan drawings
  • Incoming and outgoing mail
  • Accounting files
  • Employee records
  • shelving with oblique hanging compartments saves storage spacePhotographs and negatives
  • Marketing collateral and forms
  • Newspapers and other periodicals

Features of the Oblique Hanging Compartments

The Oblique hanging compartments come with a v-base or box base. The v-base compartments cradle contents, protecting valuable materials without wasting any shelf space while the box base compartments are the ideal choice for storing large capacities of documents.

Magnified, color-coded labels help create a custom designed indexing system that offers fast and efficient document retrieval. And changing labels is easy as they simply snap on and off the compartments.

Each Oblique hanging compartment is rates to hold 20-25 pounds. And with over 80 styles and sizes to choose from, there’s an Oblique product perfectly suited to your specific document management needs.

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Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group® has been helping businesses manage documents and paper. We offer consulting services, file conversions, and any type of Oblique hanging compartment you need. We even have a selection of Oblique products that you can buy now at our partner site StoreMoreStore. To get in touch with an experienced representative in your area, all you have to do is give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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