Multi-drawer tool box cabinets for maximum storage capacity

multi drawer tool box cabinets

Multi-drawer tool box cabinets have been completely re-engineered to offer you even more possibilities when it comes to choosing the right design to fit your application. The improvement can be seen in relation to the extended availability of its configurations. This steel storage cabinet with drawers is now offered in a handful of widths and two depths, allowing for it to take the form of any one of 10 combinations. Each, of which, are available in half a dozen heights. The addition of 10 different drawer heights makes these multi-drawer tool box cabinets the go to choice, if you’re needing something that meets customer needs in terms of maximum storage capacity or optimal space utilization.

Strong steel storage cabinet with drawers

The strength of this steel storage cabinet with drawers is unchanged and is simply in a league all its own when compared to that of others. This even includes its closest competitor. It completed triple the amount of cycles than that of the competition, which resulted in a superior ranking when tested by an independent laboratory. This allows its lifetime warranty to be supported with confidence, while also providing a means for an aesthetically-pleasing look to take shape.

Accessories give multi-drawer tool box cabinets added efficiency

steel storage cabinet with drawers

There are also a broad selection of accessories and components available, which can be added to any chosen design of these multi-drawer tool box cabinets to make it function with improved efficiency. This is especially true when it comes to increasing accessibility or adding security. Any one of three different doors can be integrated – including frame, glass or solid – to protect inventory from damage or allow for increased visibility and easier access. Another feature available for providing security is a vertical security bar, which ensures all the cabinet drawers are locked with a single padlock. There is also a security panel. It prohibits access between two drawers with locks, while allowing for the cabinet to be divided up and shared between users. Read more articles on this steel storage cabinet with drawers.

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