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modular intelligent vertical carousels optimize order picking & order batchingOptimized order picking solutions need to be scalable, economic, and secure in order for you to get the most return on investment. Modular intelligent vertical carousels allow for rapid order picking and processing that guarantees maximum productivity and optimal throughput of goods. Just one picker per station at the carousels can process between 80 and 200 order lines per hour. The modular intelligent vertical carousels automate your picking processes with a minimal footprint that maximizes space and reduces overhead costs while greatly enhancing the workflow of your business or warehouse with its simple, user-friendly operation. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels

optimized order picking solutions process with vertical carousels

The modular intelligent vertical carousels automatically move to retrieve the parts required to fulfill the orders. The display on the screen tells the operator exactly which unit to pick from, and the pick-to-light technology directs the operator to the exact location and displays the part name and quantity to pick from the bin. The operator simply picks the parts and puts them into the order bin before confirming the pick, repeating until all orders have been filled. The picking cart with completed orders is taken to the next station for further fulfillment or to the next collection point.

The replenishment process is just as easy. The replenishment bins contain a quantity of one part number and marked for easy identification. The bins are positioned at an ergonomically-placed picking station. The replenishment batches are formed once all bins have been scanned by the operator. The display on the modular intelligent vertical carousel informs the operator the quantity from each bin to pick from and which unit to put the part into. The pick-to-light also displays the location in the unit and the number and quantity to store. The storage of parts is automatically validated at the machine, and this process is repeated until all replenishment orders have been completed.modular intelligent vertical carousels maximize productivity & optimize order picking

In addition, the vertical carousels are easy to install and integrate into your existing warehouse management system. Their modular construction and flexibility allows you to modify and configure your optimized order picking solutions as your warehouse processes change and grow with your business.

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