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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Library book storage shelving on casters promote space-saving relocation

library book storage shelving casters

Curved counter-high library book storage shelving on casters provides mobile media display pods or workstations that users can relocate to save space. Experts rely on a specialized shelf-type to gauge the design, but users still have full adaptability. It ensures facilities can create a custom solution that fits space and departmental needs.

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Able to accommodate many design patterns and standard components, systems allow personnel to create attractive and functional cabinets. With staff controlling customization, experts can deliver a unit that suits specific demands. Simple to modify, users can make adjustments as needed to accommodate changes and collection growth.

Attractive & flexible mobile media display pods or workstations

mobile media display pods workstationsFlexible mobile media display pods or workstations have an attractive curved look that could complement corners with the same design. Rolling systems there allows facilities to maximize the space while putting it to more efficient use. Browsers still have ergonomic access to organized materials and can retrieve items without injury. As an alternative, staff can move the cabinets to areas with less foot traffic. It ensures patrons have a quiet, distraction-free place to work or study. Stored items lie flat or stand straight up with spines out to simply title reading. 

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