Hospital Operating Room Storage Cabinets and Medical Supplies Shelving hospital-operating-room-storage-cabinets

Effective hospital operating room storage requires a careful balance between an efficient use of space and ensuring sanitary conditions for medical products. Space saving Medical Supplies Shelving maximizes operating room storage floor space to ensure medical products are readily available at the point of use. Hospital Operating Room Storage Cabinets promote cleanliness, as well as flexibility and easy adjustablity to meet the changing requirements of today’s hospitals.

Benefits of Hospital Operating Room storage Cabinets and Medical Supplies Shelving

Our storage shelving and cabinets provide many benefits to hospitals including,

  • Delivering twice the storage capacity of medical supplies compared to conventional storage
  • Promote centralized storage of operating room medical supplies
  • Promote efficient storage for operating rooms in almost any space – including space that’s often wasted like overhead and under stair areas
  • Provide flexible, easily to reconfigure shelves as medical supplies storage needs change
  • Exploit cleanliness and minimize opportunities for dust and germs to collect
  • Promote quick access to medical supplies
  • Accommodate existing hospital cabinetry and specialized storage

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Southwest Solutions Group’s team of healthcare storage professionals are experts in designing and planning efficient storage solutions for medical supplies. We have the knowledge and experience to analyze your operating room space and provide you with flexible, efficient solutions to save space and time. For more information call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.