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Compact mobile shelving systems for increased capacity

compact mobile shelving systemsAdvancements in technology have pushed libraries to adapt to the changing world around them by lending books in a digital form. In doing so, the physical space used to house tangible books has given way to more modern conveniences such as cafes, computer terminals and meeting rooms. And with it, some institutions have been forced to redistribute books to neighboring branches. While efforts made to become more modern are generally appreciated, some feel disheartened by the fact that collections are not what they once were. Budget constraints and a lack of space for storing expansive collections is to blame. Take back storage space for books by installing compact mobile shelving systems. They compact into a smaller footprint with just a push of a button or turn of a handle. An increase in capacity for improved book access and collaborative space is then created. Compact mobile shelving systems optimize floor space for increased capacity. 

Compact mobile shelving systems save space

Since compact mobile shelving systems are designed to function in less space than what is needed for traditional storage methods, valuable floor space is conserved. It can easily be converted to serve another purpose or adapted for improved book access and collaborative space. In addition, the need to relocate collection volumes becomes obsolete. This is because more space exists, allowing for books to be stored in one central location. And, in doing so, access to library holdings is much improved.

Compact mobile shelving systems provide more flexibility

for improved book access and collaborative spaceThese compact mobile systems stand to be of great benefit to any library who uses them. They provide a level of flexibility that knows no bounds. And the price tag attached to these systems is more affordable than you might think.They are available at just a fraction of the cost when compared to systems of similar design. This means libraries can efficiently accommodate the needs of patrons without exceeding their budget or experiencing a loss of productivity. They can, instead, remain a driving force behind providing the general public with access to information. Compact mobile shelving systems for improved book access and collaborative space can also be used for storing artwork and book collections. Click here to find out more

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