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How compact mobile shelving works

compact mobile shelving solved storage problemCompact mobile shelving solved storage problem for library seeking to save space when it underwent a multi-floor renovation and addition. How it was able to accomplish this is easily explained by taking a closer look at how the compact mobile shelving works. Its carriages, which are mounted to floor tracks or rails roll together and compress into a smaller area of space to allow for an increase in storage capacity. This action is completed with just the push of a button or turn of a handle.If additional storage isn't what you're after, the new floor space can be adapted and utilized in a more productivity capacity. In fact, that's exactly what happened in the case of university library. Because of the shelving's ability to function in less space than traditional storage shelves, the library was able to efficiently store nearly all of its collection without having to spend money to cover construction costs. There was even room left over to accommodate seating and circulation. Watch video on how compact mobile shelving works to optimize floor space for more productive uses

Compact mobile shelving is cost effective

Because the compact mobile shelving solved storage problem for library seeking to space, it left room for the planning committee to make whatever adjustments were necessary to accommodate for the additional weight load of the shelving. Load capacity was twice what it was for standard bookcases. And, although the need for structural support made the project considerably more expensive, the decision to install compact mobile shelving was cost effective and well-worth investing in. It allowed for the library to save a considerable amount. The building, where the renovation took place, also accommodated management spaces, study rooms and support services. Stacks for housing the entire collection were given top consideration when organizing the addition. It meant that an increased amount of open space could be made to look more aesthetically pleasing. The result ended up to be a multi-floor atrium with natural light shining through the stacks.

Compact mobile shelving is safe to use

for library seeking to save spaceSafety measures were taken into account by adding a microprocessor controlled infrared photoelectric system to the compact mobile shelving. It detects when objects such as books, carts, people, stools and wheelchairs are obstructing the aisle floor. When this happens, carriage movement is immediately stopped until whatever is blocking the area is cleared. It automatically resets, too. This allowed for safe operation when accessed by students, staff and facility. It also meant that materials stored in the stacks could be accessed at any time. See compact mobile shelving in action

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