Reusing and relocating High-Density Mobile Shelvinghigh density mobile shelving at the hospital before it was relocated

Many people might not realize that high-density mobile shelving can be reused and relocated. These space-saving storage systems are not permanent fixtures and can be modified, reused, and relocated pretty easily. Southwest Solutions Group® (SSG) has a team of professional installers trained and certified in modifying and relocating high-density mobile shelving. In fact, our sales representative Brandon Baird did just that for a hospital and museum.

 small storage space at the civil rights museumFrom Hospital to Museum Storage

A hospital near Memphis, TN switched from a paper filing system to an electronic medical records system. After switching to a paperless filing system, the hospital contacted Brandon and asked if he knew of anyone that wanted the system.

At the same time, Brandon had been meeting with the National Civil Rights Museum (located inside the Lorraine Hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and killed). The museum was allocated a very small space inside the hotel but their special collection of memorabilia kept growing and they needed more storage space. The museum had a very strong need for a new storage system, but due to budget constraints, couldn’t afford a new high-density mobile shelving system.high density mobile shelving was reused at the museum

When the hospital reached out to Brandon, he immediately thought of the National Civil Rights Museum. Brandon and the SSG team got to work. The Southwest Solutions Group team was able to dismantle, relocate, and reconfigure the high-density mobile shelving system at the hospital to fit the requirements for the new museum space. The high-density mobile shelving now houses special collections at the museum.

Need Your High-Density Mobile Shelving Relocated?

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