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Veterinary Cabinets and Casework

vet office casework cabinetsThinking about what equipment veterinaries need to run their practice efficiently might not include cabinets or movable casework. However, when the right veterinary cabinets are in clinics, that means there are high levels of ergonomic, organized, and safe solutions.

Veterinary practices have practice-specific needs throughout their facilities. While traditional millwork is aesthetically pleasing, the builders often lack the expertise necessary for providing functional features. For example, millwork might feature kitchen cabinet elements that aren't durable enough for a veterinary practice.

When working with designers, architects, and manufacturers that understand the unique challenges clinics face, veterinary clinics can use solutions that meet their individual needs. In doing so, clinics can also control these storage solutions' costs while maintaining high patient care levels.

About Veterinary Cabinets and Casework

Veterinary exam rooms need to be comfortable for both humans and pets. These spaces must also accommodate animal owners and veterinary staff. In addition to being warm and welcoming, exam rooms must also feature clean surfaces that prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.

Veterinary casework and cabinetry features designs that are incredibly durable and optimization for easy access and storage. Beyond their practical benefits, these cabinets also feature custom designs that match the current veterinary clinic aesthetic. For example, veterinarians can work with designers and architects to add character to office spaces using laminate casework.

Veterinary cabinets and casework features designs specifically for storing:

  • Dietary and nutritional items
  • Flea treatments
  • Grooming supplies
  • Medications
  • Sprays

Why Veterinary Clinics Need Cabinets and Casework

veterinary casework cabinetsRenovating a practice to include veterinary cabinets and casework gives veterinarians opportunities to create a space where they can practice better. A professionally designed space catered to staff members' needs also increases efficiency and productivity, which results in higher revenues.

Like other medical laboratories, a veterinarian clinic must be able to house storage for chemical reagents, personal protective equipment (PPE), samples, supplies, and more. Here are a few additional reasons why veterinary clinics need cabinets and casework:

Cleanliness and durability: Veterinary cabinets feature designs specifically for clinical environments. That means they're easy to clean and help minimize areas where debris and germs can accumulate. The cabinet and casework finishes and material choices withstand daily cleaning and harsh chemicals.

Efficient and ergonomic workflows: The incorporation of specialized storage solutions helps make the most of a practice's available space. Doing so gives veterinarians and staff easy access to supplies when and where they need them. For example, slide-out equipment drawers and swing-out shelves bring materials and supplies within close reach.

Equipment integration: Many veterinary practices need to integrate equipment into cabinetry and casework. For example, they might need procedure lights or imaging equipment. That way, everything is within reach without taking up too much floor space.

It isn't uncommon for veterinary clinics to perform necessary testing in small on-site laboratories. If the clinic needs complex testing, they'll send it out to a full-capacity veterinary lab. At these labs, technicians receive various samples. Testing must occur on these samples before returning results to the veterinary clinic. Facilitating this work involves designing and building high-quality and sanitary casework and cabinetry.

Types of Veterinary Cabinets and Casework

Veterinary cabinets and movable cabinets are available in various materials. The most popular options include stainless steel, metal, and laminate finishes. The type of movable casework a veterinary clinic chooses depends on its application. For example, if it's in an exam room, stainless steel veterinary casework and cabinets are ideal.

Stainless casework

veterinary stainless steel caseworkVeterinary casework featuring a stainless steel construction is an excellent way to prevent germs and viruses from spreading. Each of these cabinets consists of 80% recycled or scrap material. Its structure can also withstand harsh chemicals, heat, and water. That means, when having exposure to these elements, it won't deteriorate or rust. Stainless steel veterinary casework has the following features:

  • Ideal for healthcare and laboratory settings
  • Helps prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading
  • Meets optimum hygienic standards
  • Designed with non-porous surfaces
  • Won't corrode or rust

Metal casework

Metal casework is optimal for environments where workers need durable work surfaces. This type of veterinary casework is easy to design and modify while maintaining its durability. Architects and designers should consider the lab technician's duties and their equipment when designing and incorporating this storage solution. Metal veterinary casework has the following features:

  • A high degree of durability
  • Easy to adjust and modify
  • Industrial benches, drawers, and workstations
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Optimal for laboratory settings
  • Laminate casework

In veterinary offices, laminate casework is ideal when clinics are looking for an alternative to millwork solutions. This veterinary cabinetry is especially beneficial to clinics that want to move storage solutions around without investing in new construction. Laminate casework is an inexpensive storage solution because it isn't difficult to manufacture. These storage systems are ideal in environments that don't use corrosive materials, like in an office setting. Laminate veterinary casework has the following features:

  • An inexpensive alternative to built-in cabinetry
  • Design options integrate seamlessly into office spaces.
  • Helps create a quieter work environment compared to metal or stainless steel
  • Ideal for office environments that don't require heavy-duty cleaning
  • No need to invest in new construction when relocating laminate casework

Benefits and Features of These Storage Solutions

veterinary casework drawer cabinetsVeterinary offices offer a wide variety of services to animals and pets. By incorporating veterinary cabinetry, clinics improve access to items and increase storage. That's beneficial to clinics planning to expand their practice areas, including exam rooms and grooming spaces.

Additional benefits of veterinary cabinets and casework include:

  • Ease of access to pet, patient, and treatment materials and supplies
  • Efficiency increases because vet office cabinetry holds twice as many items
  • The clinic staff has safe access.
  • Storage space for pet supplies and pharmaceuticals nearly doubles
  • There's plenty of room for the veterinary clinic's future growth.

Veterinary storage solutions should feature designs that streamline the clinic's workflow. For example, veterinary casework helps create a centralized location for treatment materials and pharmaceuticals. When staff can quickly and easily access these supplies, that increases the amount of time they can spend with patients.

Technical Specifications and Design

Veterinary storage solutions involving cabinets and casework are growing in popularity. This type of vet office cabinetry is easy to customize, plus it's movable while maintaining the space's original décor. It isn't uncommon for clinics to use in-house design engineers. Architects and designers are available to assist veterinary offices and clinics with innovative storage solutions.

General Technical Specifications

  • 108" wide x 25" deep countertopfree revit family download
  • 26" height capacity between the sink and upper cabinet
  • 20" height capacity between upper cabinetry and countertop
  • 14 7/8" high upper cabinets
  • 34" high lower cabinetry
  • One 36" wide sink cabinet
  • Three 24" wide lower cabinets

Maximizing Storage Solutions

It isn't uncommon to see veterinary clinics struggling to store large items, like big bags of dog food or portable kennels. Implementation of veterinary cabinets and movable casework minimizing or eliminating these struggles. The technical specifications for each of these storage solutions vary by height, storage capacity, weight limitations, and more.

Model: Preconfigured exam room veterinary cabinets: #SMS-29-SSG-EX09-3-L

  • Dimensions: 9'0" Wide x 2'1" Deep x 7'0" High
  • Cabinet construction: 3/4" thick industrial-grade 40-50 pound substrate
  • Exposed edges: Covered with 2mm PVC edge banding
  • Metal surfaces: Powder-coat paint
  • Work surfaces: 1-1/16" high-pressure laminate
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Model: Combination office-type cabinet: #SMS-39-865C18SVPL-AM

  • Dimensions: 4'0" Wide x 1'6" Deep x 6'6" High
  • Body, door, and shelf construction: 20-gauge stainless steel
  • Hinge construction: 16-gauge stainless steel piano hinges
  • Locking: Three-point locking system
  • Shelf adjustments: in 2" increments
  • Shelf capacity: 250 pounds
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty

When working with expert architects and designers, veterinary clinics can incorporate these storage solutions with existing cabinetry, casework, and shelving. There are several architectural and design phases involved with implementing veterinary cabinets and casework into clinics and offices.

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Architectural and design phases

  • Spec list creation following a thorough site evaluation
  • CAD drawings
  • Plan presentation
  • Integrating the project with existing storage solutions
  • Installation

Storage Solutions for Veterinary Clinics

Southwest Solutions Group® provides innovative solutions for veterinary cabinets and casework. For more information or to speak with one of our expert designers, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today. They'll help you decide which veterinary cabinets and casework are best for your clinic or office.


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