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Last updated: March 16, 2017

Extra-large flat-drawer stack cabinet ideal orphan works problem solver

extra large flat drawer stack cabinet storing museum collection archive holdingsExtra-large flat-drawer stack cabinets are ideal solutions for solving some of the challenges of museum orphan work. The subject of orphaned works is a tough one for museums to approach. It's no wonder, with the lack of standard to help determine what that is. Those most at risk of falling into this category appear to be archival materials printed on paper such as photographs, illustrations and maps. One reason for this is that identifying ownership has repeatedly proven frustrating and fruitless. Unable to authenticate its origin, museums are often left with no other choice than to discontinue projects. Add to this the pressure that comes with wanting to give visitors a first-rate viewing experience, in addition to the ongoing challenges surrounding storage capacity and work space, and it stands to explain why storing museum collection archive holdings is so difficult.

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It doesn't have to be so, especially with last year bringing about the acquisition of several different models of flat-file storage, including that of the extra-large flat-drawer stack cabinet. It is crafted with a convenient design that allows optimal use of capacity by taking full advantage of space from the floor. Users are also provided with a greater degree of work surface space if the cabinets are piled one on top of the other at a height of two units high.

Its high-quality constructed 3" drawers also speak volumes about the unit's ability to become a one-stop sort of problem-solving solution for storing collection archive holdings in danger of becoming labeled orphaned works. With a total of four drawers that individually pull out to facilitate safe retrieval, the system is equipped with more than enough capacity to care for those items not in rotation for public viewing. And, as such, it not only takes the guess work out of what to do with such materials when faced with the inability to trace ownership, but lessens the probability of inadvertent displacement and subsequent orphaning.

Extra-large flat-drawer stack cabinet preservation protection features

The extra-large flat-drawer stack cabinet also ensures the highest degree of preservation protection is provided when storing museum collection archives. These features include:

Standard features

  • Units are made of solid, heavy-gauge steel with reinforced welded construction
  • It also features a non-off-gassing powder-coated finish of the highest quality
  • Bright nickel-plated hardware
  • Cushioned drawer bumpers
  • Four 3" drawers with safety stops
  • Plated rollers, and stainless steel tracks eliminate paint flaking

Optional features

  • Heavy-duty platform base with swivel levelers

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