Intelligent package delivery systems convenient for students

intelligent package delivery systemsMail. It is how we stay connected to the world around us. But, with advancements in technology over the last several decades, the old way of communicating through an exchange of actual hand-written notes has given way to electronic mail or e-mail. The need for physical mail such as letters or packages still exists, though. This is particularly true for students who long for the comforts of home while away at university. These days, however, there are less and less people at home during peak delivery times to receive mail. And, in the event that no one is available to collect mail upon delivery, mail couriers are forced to leave packages and letters unattended. This unintentionally puts them at risk for being picked up or taken by someone other than the addressee. Decrease the chances of that happening to students at university by adding intelligent package delivery systems to the list of amenities available to campus residents. These smart lockers for parcels and mail are designed to securely store letters and packages of every shape and size. And, since content held inside can be accessed and retrieved at a time that is most convenient to users, it provides students with flexibility suited for their busy lifestyle. Watch intelligent package delivery systems and smart lockers for parcels and mail in action. 

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How intelligent package delivery systems work

Intelligent package delivery systems are easy to operate. Once mail has been delivered, it is processed and then recorded into the system. Letters and packages are then placed inside a secure locker until the student arrives to retrieve it using a pin number assigned to that specific location. The whereabouts of the locker, along with its access code are sent to the student in the form of a text message or email. It alerts the student that they have mail waiting for them to pick up. Upon arrival, students simply retrieve the delivery by locating the locker. Then, enter the pin provided onto a touch screen. Click here to learn more about parcel delivery lockers.

Smart lockers for parcels and mail reduce labor costs

smart lockers for parcels and mailSmart lockers for parcels and mail are designed to make the transfer and delivery of letters and packages from point A to point B more accurate and efficient for students. They get the job done quicker and easier then any human ever could because everything is handled electronically. This feature allows for students to pickup mail at any point during the day or night, without having to waste time waiting in line at the post office. And, because it requires less man power to function, it effectively cuts labor cuts for faster and more efficient service. Get your questions about intelligent package delivery systems and smart lockers for parcels and mail answered. 

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