Command centers carry out control and monitoring operations. Security operations centers, transportation surveillance, and military command centers operate 24/7, so you must ensure that a command center is equipped for every situation. Command center furniture provides utility and comfort to operate round the clock.

These consoles help operators work diligently by aiding them in long shifts with high levels of alertness. Picking the right command center workstations is not just about aesthetics. Efficiency is essential while setting up and is always a good time to upgrade. Let us identify your best choice in either case.

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What to Look for in a Command Center Console

command center consolesControl and monitoring are carried out through the interaction of technology and human operators. Therefore, command center workstations must support technology integration. They must have optimized and secure storage with rack mounting to house your equipment. Technology integration can mean:

  • Cable management: It should be easy to add or remove devices and cables such as network or AV cables. The cables should not crimp together. High-capacity cable chases and energy chains keep power and data from crowding and disconnection.
  • Temperature control: You must maintain an ideal operating temperature to prolong the computer’s lifespan. This control is possible using built-in command center console features such as passive heat extraction through holes or a quiet fan.
  • Power and data outlets: Any command center device needs power and data to operate. Due to the system’s complexity, the power and data outlets need to be housed in the console body to avoid any hassles.
  • Grounding: Grounding is required to prevent equipment damage and harm to humans. It is as essential as power and data ports in a console.

Additionally, opt for security consoles that allow ergonomic adjustments for monitor height adjustment of at least 12 inches and focal depth adjustment of at least 8 inches. The console should also allow sit-to-stand flexibility. Accessories and lighting are also essential components of a command center workstations as they provide functionality and comfort. Dimmers are used as task lights and ambient lights to reduce eye strain.

Case in Point: Command Center Consoles

mission critical dispatch console furnitureOur command center consoles are made with these real-world scenarios in mind. Their ergonomic design solves basic technology integration requirements, space utilization, and user interface. Their modularity allows expansion based on the size of operations or evolving needs. 

Why Are Companies Opting for Command Center Furniture?

These consoles provide innovative design solutions to fit every environment’s unique requirements, giving the best-in-class solution for various industries. It is good practice to weigh the different products in your supplier’s catalog while choosing a console line. Consoles provide one of the best solutions in the given time frame and budget. It also has excellent after-sales support. They can be modified and used for a range of activities such as:

  • Security operations in libraries, museums, and other public utility buildings
  • Government and military
  • Public safety
  • Corporate
  • Transportation
  • Air traffic control

How Command Center Consoles Help the Military

emergency dispatch command consolesMilitary control room operators need to stay ready at all times. The atmosphere might get highly stressful in certain situations. The furniture and the console are the last things the military should be worried about. Command center consoles are readily adjustable and work smoothly without any connectivity hassles for data and power. The secure technology integration provides reliable and secure connectivity to all sensitive equipment and data. The easy-to-use interface ensures that the operators focus on the task and hand.

Command Center Furniture in Public Safety

911 dispatch control rooms are set up across the country to ensure public safety. These  mission-critical control centers  need the operator to be attentive and calm throughout the shift. 911 dispatch consoles come with a waterfall comfort edge, sit-to-stand surface height adjustment, monitor array height, monitor focal depth adjustment, and centralized console controls. They are easy to install and maintain thanks to a technology wall with multiple access points and a cable management system.


Command center furniture come in four variants: Flex, Define, Vertex, and Vector. Flex and Define come with climate controls, dimmers to serve as task and ambient lights, and quick-connect USB ports for power and data. Vertex and Vector consoles are specialized consoles for demanding air traffic control environments. Following are the details of the console features:


  • 26″ electric sit-stand height adjustment, 12″ electric height adjustment, and 8″ manual focal depth adjustment 
  • Steel technology wall
  • 7″ deep, secure storage space for power, equipment, and cabling
  • Pull-out shelves for rear-access
  • Perforated steel for passive cooling
  • Allows monitor adjustment with single-touch control


  • Wood and metal console with neutral fibers and accents
  • 12″ electric height adjustment, 8″ manual focal depth adjustment, and 26″ electric sit-stand height adjustment
  • Slatwall Array for large screens, double stacks, and portrait monitor configurations
  • Base frame for power and data cables
  • Front and rear panels provide dual access to equipment
  • Cable Chases, troughs, and energy chains for routing cables through the console


  • Island-style or continuous workspace options
  • L shaped frame 
  • Custom housings for all standard FAA equipment 
  • Airport lighting


  • Roll-up doors and rear side access
  • Welded steel framework 
  • Patented design
  • Filtered air-flow
  • Full-width brush grommets for easy routing of cables
  • Tested for surface anchoring and raised floor installation
  • Tested to 2.0 G’s – the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake.

How to Choose the Right Console Furniture?

Operators will be working from the command center console for extended hours. Moreover, you might need to expand your operations’ size at some point, which makes it a more significant commitment than it seems. Make sure you discuss these points while making a purchase.

The Console Is More Than a Piece of Furniture

console furniture command center workstationsUnder the surface, the console houses power and data cables for computers, phones, and any device you use from the console room.

You Should Pick the Right Color Options

Most teams prefer warm wood tones, gray, and black, which are easier on the eyes and look elegant.

Understand the Size Options

Command center furniture comes in various shapes and sizes. You have to ensure that the consoles fit perfectly within your space. Ask for pictures from previous projects to better understand your supplier’s installation capabilities.

Try It Out

The best way to see if a console model will suit you is to try it out. Try out the adjustments and make sure it will be comfortable for your team.

Discuss the Warranty Period, Terms, and Conditions

There are always chances of accidental damage when you frequently use a piece of furniture. To ensure you don’t spend more on repairs, understand repair costs and warranty terms clearly. To ensure that you don’t spend more on repairs, understand repair costs and warranty terms clearly. Most of our consoles come with a 10-year warranty. 

We will help you pick and understand why you need a particular console, ensure a smooth purchasing experience and usability, and help you with every step of the process, from choosing and purchasing to installation.

In addition to the warranty, you should be on the same page with stakeholders about the space requirements, technology needs, and pain points with existing furniture. Setting up the control room furniture requires collaboration between the supplier, your team, and the project stakeholders. We can also help you with supplemental furniture. The right supplier ensures that the team can operate optimally and without any hassle, and we provide turnkey installation services to ensure that happens.

Get Assistance in Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Premise 

The command center console is one of the most important purchases you make while setting up a premise. Compare the products, consult with your supplier, and give them due consideration. The features offered, such as technology integration, space management, adjustments, accessories, and lighting, can benefit any mission-critical command center. 

While providing these features, the console should also look clean. Our beautifully crafted consoles are not just about aesthetics. A clean console design makes it easy to operate while making management and maintenance easy for IT personnel. The right console will go a long way. Make your best choice, looking forward. 

Southwest Solutions Group® designs and installs command center furniture for mission-critical command centers. The consoles are durable and easy to set up, take down, or modify. Call us on 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to receive more information about our command center furniture and installation services.


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