Proper fire hose racks keep hoses in working order and keep your department organized and looking sharp.

Creating an orderly workspace around the department is but one benefit. Adhering to adequate storage can keep your fire hoses free of unnecessary damage.

Providing the correct storage of fire hoses is essential to ensure a longer service life and to make them readily available for use at a moment’s notice.

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Fire hose Fire hose storage for fire stationsstorage racks are available for various applications, including pin racks for rapid deployment necessary for municipal use, continuous flow reels for marine use such as off-shore drilling, and saddle racks for long-term industrial hose storage.

Don’t forget to protect your storage racks and reels with fire hose covers.

Our fire hose rack models provide flexible steel roller tool storage shelves that keep the tubing organized and ready to access in a crisis.

Adaptive components allow flexible placement to create enough space to store hoses varying in size. Shelving does not come welded in place, allowing users to optimize the area and keep more in less space.

The Importance of Fire Hose Storage for First Responders

Fire hose shelving for firefightersIn a fire station, keeping work areas organized is paramount. You must ensure all your equipment works properly and is quick to access.

When an emergency comes in, there isn’t time to sort through a pile of fire hoses to find the right one. You must be ready to go instantly.

Fire hose racks are the ideal solution for keeping hoses organized and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Stored for Efficiency and Maximum Space Savings

An efficient way to store a fire hose is to coil it up and keep it vertically into shelving.

Coiling a fire hose up and storing it vertically in shelving is a fast way to store it. However, using flat shelves to hold the hose won’t keep it in place.

Using cradle-style shelves like our fire hose racks that will conform to the circular profile of a coiled fire hose. The fire hose shelving allows you to retrieve any fire hose without pulling another one down off the shelf.

Another benefit is that you can fit more hoses in the available area and maximize storage density.

The top part of our racks allows more storage space for spare parts and tools.

Adjustable and Durable Fire Hose Racks are Long-Lasting

Fire hose rack for Fire DepartmentsA fixed shelf doesn’t accommodate coiled hoses of different diameters.

Our adjustable fire hose shelving will allow you to make the most out of your storage because you can adjust the shelves up and down as needed.

You are also going to need a storage system that is highly durable because fire hoses aren’t lightweight. Our fire hose racks are constructed of heavy-duty steel and have a powder-coated finish to offer extreme strength and longevity.

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Fire hose storage racks for firemenSturdy in design, users can depend on our fire hose storage models. It keeps valued equipment off the floor, allowing departments to save space and avoid creating safety hazards.

Stored hose ends sit on top rather than underneath to ensure personnel does not get injured during retrieval.

Our units help prevent damage to the equipment, ensuring items perform up to standard during life-saving emergencies.

Simplicity in design makes the fire hose storage System a cost-effective storage solution for hose storage. Store twice as many hoses in less floor space and do it in an organized way when minutes count.

Fire hose storage systems by Southwest Solutions Group last.

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for fire hose kits. Free consultations are available to determine your business needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at (800) 803-1083 or send us a message today.


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