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Implement LEAN Manufacturing Practices with Automated Vertical Liftsvertical lifts deliver parts for order processing

Vertical Lifts will help your facility implement LEAN manufacturing practices to automate order processing. These lifts use sophisticated inventory management software to manage worker picking accuracy, productivity, and real time inventory counts. The Vertical Lift’s inventory management software can be supplied with the machine, or it can be interfaced with your existing software system. (view images of Vertical Lifts) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Vertical Lifts Accurately and Efficiently Automate Order Processing

vertical lift pick-to-light technology for lean manufacturingThe order processing software batches parts from several orders and organizes them for fast and efficient picking of parts. The software then delivers picking instructions to the operator and commands the Vertical Lift to automatically retrieve and deliver the first parts storage tray to the picking station. When the parts tray is delivered to the picking station, the part number and quantity to pick will be displayed next to the location of the part on a LED bar. In addition, an overhead infrared light visually points to the exact bin location of the part for fast and accurate picking. (See videos see videos)

As soon as the operator is finished picking the first batch of parts, the operator presses a button on the picking station counter to let the software know that the parts are picked. The software then commands the Vertical Lift to bring the next batch of parts to the picking station while the operator is distributes parts and logs the transaction.

Automated Order Processing Increases Productivityautomated order processing made easy with vertical lifts

Here are 4 ways that automating order processing with the Vertical Lifts increases productivity and saves time.

  1. The inventory management software organizes orders/parts in batches to streamline the picking process.
  2. The visual pick-to-light technology directs the operator to exactly where the part is located in the tray.
  3. The visual LED display confirms the part number and quantity to pick.
  4. Everything is brought to the picking operator, which eliminates walking around and searching for parts.

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