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Just like other documents, emails are important business communications that need to be indexed and stored. Since emails are business documents, they must be stored in accordance with regulations. However, many businesses don’t have a system for keeping track of emails, and important email documents often get lost because of poor filing and overloading of files and folders. It is even estimated that IT managers are spending five million hours per year searching for lost and misplaced emails.

Because of this, email management software with message manager systems have been on the rise to help companies consolidate and keep track of emails at the same time as other documents. Email overload doesn’t have to be an inevitable or necessary evil for you and your business.

sorting and storing email documents with email management software

Archiving and accessing email documents is much less of a hassle when employees know exactly where they are stored. PaperVision® Message Manager is a message manager system for sorting and storing email and email attachments based on user-defined policies. The software’s automatic sorting and storing reduces errors and helps prevent email overload and can automatically sort emails based on sender, receiver, subject, date, or other index values. It also integrates easily with existing email systems. This way, employees will not have to alter the way they use their email accounts. The message manager is simple but effective, easy to install, does not require expensive hardware, and doesn’t consume capital or burden IT resources.

benefits of email management software for message manager systems

There are numerous benefits that come with sorting and storing email with message manager systems. Here are just a few:

message manager systems sorting storing email

  • There is no need to change email software. The message manager works with both web-based email systems and UNIX®– and LINUX®-based systems
  • The system takes minutes to be installed and integrated with existing email
  • Full-text search capabilities for retrieving archived emails
  • User-defined policies that filter out unwanted email
  • Allows creation of a complete email records system for regulatory compliance
  • Non-repudiation technology to ensure your messages have not been altered
  • Stored messages are safeguarded and tracked
  • Archived email can be access remotely on-demand

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