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GSA Schedule 84 Police Storage

gsa schedule 84 gun weapon racks police storageEvidence lockers, gun weapon racks for handguns and long guns, and other police gear storage solutions are all available on GSA schedule 84. The advantage? GSA schedule 84 is available to both state and local governments for cooperative purchasing. Read on to find out what police gear storage solutions are offered under GSA schedule 84.

Police Gear, Weapon, Evidence Storage

Our line of police gear storage solutions include personal and gear storage lockers, evidence lockers, and gun weapon racks.

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Evidence lockers: Available in pass-through and non-pass-through configurations for all types of temporary evidence storage. These self-closing and self-locking evidence lockers ensure the chain of custody and provide handling accountability for all evidence that is stored and accessed. Pass-through lockers allow all retrieval of evidence to be done only from the inside of the property and evidence room by authorized personnel. Evidence lockers are also available as refrigerated units and drying cabinets for storing temperature sensitive and biological samples.

police gear storage gsa schedule 84 personal & evidence lockersGun weapon racks: Heavy-duty gun weapon racks store and secure weapons, handguns, long guns, ammunition, radios, optics, fully-loaded weapons, and a wide variety of military and police gear of various types and sizes. The weapon racks are also designed to be mounted on high density track systems to allow you to maximize the floorspace of your weapon storage area, and can be ganged together without the need for chains.

Police gear storage lockers: With their modular construction, the police gear storage lockers are flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of your storage needs. There is a wide range of sizes that can be reconfigured and expanded as your needs change, along with a variety of accessories. The lockers can store anything from uniforms, gear, bags, and other personal items for law enforcement personnel.

All of these police storage options come in both standard and customized configurations on GSA schedule 84, and we can help you decide which storage solutions would work best for you and your operations.

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