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Stainless steel tables resist corrosion creating cleaner work environment

stainless steel tables flat worksurface top

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Stainless steel tables have a flat worksurface top that can withstand durable use while resisting corrosion to create a cleaner work environment. Their design includes shelving underneath with sterile workstation storage space that users can keep clean with ease to ensure personal health and safety. These qualities make the solution an attractive choice to use in labs, healthcare and chemical storage facilities that must meet and maintain above average hygiene standards.

Organized shelving with sterile workstation storage

shelving sterile workstation storageThe shelving underneath with sterile workstation storage space can accommodate supplies that need organizing. Its open design allows faster access to materials that impact workflow efficiencies to improve productivity. This arrangement ensures users can keep everyday items close at hand while doing more from one convenient location with greater speed to save time.

System construction includes sturdy galvanized legs that provide balance to keep units steady. Other models with a similar design provide like benefits but have a tubular base and rear upturn that prevents spills from ending up on the floor. It helps users to avoid injury while working with hazardous liquids and reduces accident risk potential that could compromise company performance. All models are available at an affordable price that fits any budget and NSF approved.

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