Keeping Your Inventory Dust-Free

Some industries need reliable dust protection for their storage. For example, dust can be a huge problem for sterile processing and cleanroom areas, or with digital media that can be damaged by dust. Garments lose quality when dust becomes an issue. Technicians work hard to maintain sterility and proper procedures, but contaminated inventory can quickly compromise their work. Selecting the proper storage equipment for cleanrooms and sterile environments reduces the risk of contaminants polluting your storage and compromising the integrity of your inventory.

We have many different storage solutions that will provide you space-saving and efficient storage while protecting your inventory from dust and other environmental factors. See below for just a few of the different types of solutions we offer.

Business & Office Environments

  • dust protection with warehouse shelving and vertical lift modulesLarge Modular Firesafe Vaults: Keep your stored files, servers, digital media, and more safe from dust, fire, theft, tampering, and more in these modular vaults that are installed with minimal dust and no new construction.
  • Automated File Cabinets: Vertical filing cabinets keep your stored files and office supplies dust-free and rotate into position with the push of a button.
  • Pull-Out Shelving: These shelving systems slide in and out from the walls using either hand cranks or manual handles, effectively protecting your stored materials from dust.
  • High Density Shelving: Compacting shelves consolidate your storage in one accessible area and can be mounted with customized shelving solutions for HVAC compatibility and dust control.
  • Fireproof File Cabinets: Heavy-duty file cabinets that protect from fire, impact, dust, and theft. Also available with portable options.

Industrial Environments

  • Vertical Lift Modules: An enclosed goods-to-person automated delivery, storage, and inventory tracking system that saves space, protects stored items from dust, and improves ergonomics and productivity.
  • Vertical Carousels: Another enclosed system similar to the vertical lift, perfect for bin storage in warehouses.
  • Sliding Wire Shelving: Sliding shelving saves space with wire shelves that prevent dust buildup and are easy to clean.
  • Industrial Fan Systems: Wind-driven turbines, large diameter fans, and 7’ directional fans can be used in virtually any industry to keep your facility cool and free of allergens, odors, and excess moisture.

Contact Us for More Dust Protection Solutions

Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing innovative storage solutions to meet unique needs for countless industries across the country since 1969. Due to their flexible nature, many of our storage solutions can also be used for museums, libraries, schools and universities, law enforcement facilities, and much more. We will also provide you with a free consultation and business efficiency analysis to see if our storage solutions would be a good fit for you and your application. For more information or to speak with your local specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.