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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Adjustable probation office gun wall storage with bins meet users changing needs

static weapons rack cabinets

Static weapons rack cabinets provide adjustable probation office gun wall storage with bins that officers can modify without tools or fasteners to meet changing needs. Made from durable steel, the universal systems can withstanding stacking to save space. It creates a clean and attractive floor to ceiling look that maximizes underused vertical space. Federal facilities, like this one, put the area to more efficient use while keeping everyone safe from injury. Officers have safer access to the floor and can secure arms from an ergonomic position that ensures harm-free handling.

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Static weapons rack cabinets for federal facilities

The static weapons rack cabinets have a perforated design in strategic places to provide efficient visibility and airflow. Secured firearms avoid accumulating dust during storage and perform up to standard with every use. Users can secure service arms in individual compartments that occupy the entire interior to maximize space efficiency. It helps keep everything separate and organized too, preventing errors during retrieval.adjustable probation office gun wall storage bins

Able to modify and remove the components, officers can create optimal conditions and consolidate service revolvers in same convenient solution. It allows departments to spend less on equipment while providing officers ready access. Units can have welded and riveted hinges that prevent anyone from tampering with the doors. Federal facilities have fewer property loss incidents to manage and can focus on helping probationers transition back into society.

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