In law enforcement, weapons theft is an unfortunately high risk. With guns being stolen and then used to perpetrate violent crimes, it’s essential to keep firearms stored securely when they are not in use, especially for law enforcement agencies. In the face of this growing problem, a state-of-the-art biometric pistol vault is necessary.

Biometric pistol vaults are a top-of-the-line storage solution promoting maximum accountability for firearms. These high-tech gun cabinets ensure the security of stored firearms and hold officers accountable for the weapons they check out.

Read on to learn how these high security gun lockers work, their extensive security features, and their benefits for law enforcement agencies. You can also check out more of our public safety storage solutions here.

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Biometric Pistol Vaults

Police biometric gun vaultThe biometric pistol vault is a state-of-the-art solution for storing and controlling access to firearms and ammunition. These security gun lockers contain locking drawers with individual locking compartments for handguns. The cabinet has a computer system to control access to the stored weapons.

The pistol vaults are available in two configurations. The standard floor-standing model can store up to 108 handguns. A compact desktop model is also available, with the capacity to store 16 guns. The cabinets are modular; you can determine the size of the drawers and the compartment configurations, and you can also connect extensions for either model to increase the storage capacity. The biometric cabinets can also be configured to store vehicle keys and cell phones, and an additional wall-mounted model is available for storing these smaller items.

The process of retrieving a weapon from the biometric firearm safe is simple. First, users identify themselves by fingerprint (for biometric access), a proximity tag or card, or a username and password. Next, the user selects their desired item on the touchscreen according to their authorization level. The drawer in which the weapon is stored will flash and unlock. When the user opens the drawer, the compartment of the selected weapon will automatically pop open. All other drawers and compartments remain securely locked during the retrieval process.

Biometric Police Station Gun Locker Features

Police biometric weapons safeThe biometric pistol vaults have unparalleled security, with several features to ensure the safety of stored weapons and the accountability of officers who check them out.

To begin, each firearm has an individual, sealed compartment. This means that a user checking out a weapon can only access the specific firearm they are authorized to retrieve. All other drawers and compartments remain securely locked during the retrieval process.

To access any item, the user goes through an identification process with either biometric fingerprint identification, an access card, or a password. They can only retrieve items they are individually authorized to access. You can also require users to input their reason for retrieving the selected firearm.

The computer system records each transaction, allowing administrators to track who has taken what item, when, and for what purpose. In addition, a dedicated security camera captures video footage of all transactions, which administrators can view on demand.

Biometric Pistol Vaults

High SecurityPolice biometric pistol safe

Biometric gun vaults provide state-of-the-art security for stored weapons. The cabinets are constructed of heavy-duty steel, and the biometric smart lock keeps all compartments and drawers sealed except for the individual compartment a user is authorized to access.

With biometric fingerprint access and a dedicated security camera, you can always be sure who has accessed the cabinet and retrieved a firearm. And if someone tries to force a drawer open, an alarm will sound, the camera will begin recording, and you will receive an alert. With these features in place, you can rest assured that your stored weapons are safe from theft.

Comprehensive Control

Police biometric weapon safeThe management software integrated with the biometric police pistol lockers offer system administrators unprecedented control over the stored firearms. With this software, managers can determine who can access which items, limit the number of items a user can hold at one time, set due dates for when items must be returned, and limit cabinet access to working hours only. You can also set the system to deny access to users whose firearms licenses have expired.

Administrators can control access options and view reports remotely at any time. You can track and view video footage of each transaction, and you can always check who has which item at any given time. The system alerts the manager and the user when an item is not returned on time. Managers will also receive alerts if a drawer is being forced open.

Space Efficiency

Police biometric firearm vaultThe biometric pistol vaults are not only highly secure but also make efficient use of space. The standard biometric gun vault (45” W x 57” H x 27.6” D) is the industry’s largest capacity unit, with the ability to hold up to 108 firearms in a single unit. For lesser storage needs, the compact firearm safe (33” W x 29” H x 22” D) fits on a desktop and can hold 16 handguns.

Both units are modular so that you can add extension units for additional storage capacity. The master unit computer system can control the extensions as well.

Efficient Retrieval

For authorized personnel, access to stored weapons is quick and easy. The entire process of identification, item selection, and retrieval takes as little as 10 seconds.

Since the desired compartment opens automatically, users don’t have to spend time searching for where their item is stored. In addition, there’s no manual signing for weapons, and no physical supervision of the unit is required. You can learn more about our other secure weapons storage solutions here.

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