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Last updated: March 10, 2016

Smart Storage Shelving & Racks

smart storage shelving systems high densityHave you ever thought about how much space is taken up by your shelving? With static shelves, access aisles are always open and taking up valuable floor space. Smart storage shelving systems are mobile space saving racks that solve this problem by removing these unnecessary access aisles and replace it with dynamic movable shelves on tracks. Click here to watch a video about how smart storage shelving systems work.

How Smart Storage Shelving Works

The shelving systems move on tracks to condense your storage area to one or two moving aisles. This allows users to open an access aisle when and where they need it with the turn of a handle or the push of a button. Up to six aisles can be moved at once with minimal force, allowing users to access what they need quickly. You can also mount your existing shelving, cabinets, or racks on the mobile tracks to save on costs. With mobile space saving racks, you can reduce your storage floorspace by half or double your storage capacity in the same footprint as static shelves. The shelving can store anything from office supplies and records to industrial parts and archival boxes. This makes them perfect for any industry—the storage possibilities are endless. The images here show mechanical assist and powered shelving storing police arrest records (left) and military uniforms and supplies (right). Click here for more information on the differences between mechanical assist and powered mobile space saving racks on tracks

The smart storage shelving systems not only save space immediately, but offer many additional benefits for the future growth of your organization.

  • Easily expand the mobile system as your storage needs grow
  • Eliminate the need for costly building expansions
  • Save on building operating costs by using less space
  • Centralize your storage area and improve storage and retrieval productivity
  • Create extra space for additional activities or work areas

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