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Last updated: December 07, 2017

Pathology Lab Slide & Paraffin Block Storage

paraffin blocks storage high density shelves racksPathology lab slides and paraffin blocks require proper storage to ensure their integrity. Considerations need to be made with regard to light, temperature, storage conditions, and storage length. Storing lab slides and paraffin blocks for too long in inadequate storage conditions can lead to deterioration in quality and reliability, especially for those that are stored for a longer period of time. A wide variety of shelves, racks, and other storage solutions are available to help ensure that you're providing the best storage possible for these sensitive materials. High density shelving and vertical storage carousels have been used increasingly often for healthcare applications due to the space savings, ergonomics, and easy accessibility they offer.

High Density Shelving

High density shelves are used in numerous applications across every industry, from businesses to warehouses and labs. High density shelving saves space by eliminating the need for access aisles between each row of shelves, and instead replaces it with one or two movable access aisles. With its compacting ability, they are typically able to reduce used floorspace by half. Click here to watch video storing slides and blocks on high density shelving.

A problem that many labs face includes the heaviness of storing glass slides. Shelves that aren't built sturdy enough will sag due to the weight, especially if the slides are stored on the upper shelves. Some labs solve this problem by storing lab slides on the bottom shelves, with lighter paraffin blocks stored on top. Any type of shelving can be mounted on the mobile carriages, so there's no need to buy new shelves if you don't need to. Powered high density shelving is also integrated with automatic safety sweeps and brake systems that immediately stop movement of the shelves if there are any obstructions in the open aisle.

Vertical Carousels

pathology lab slide specimens storage vertical carouselIf you need to store a large amount of lab slides that need to be rotated through the system frequently, then vertical carousels are an ideal solution. Instead of shelves that take up valuable floor space, the vertical carousels utilize your overhead air space to store more in a compact footprint. Typically, vertical carousels can allow hospitals and labs to save 75% of their floor space compared to traditional storage methods. Instead of walking and searching, the user simply pushes a button to rotate the enclosed shelves, bins, or drawers within the unit to an ergonomically-placed work counter for easy retrieval.

Vertical carousels can also be integrated with pick-to-light and inventory management software. For example, the software can log storage dates of slides so you can be sure to use them before deterioration begins from being stored too long. Vertical carousels are also ideal for use in climate-controlled storage areas. Stored slides and blocks are also protected from light, dust, and dirt due to the enclosed nature of the system. Click here to watch a video about how the vertical carousels work.

BIM Pathology Blood Slide Storage Vertical Carousels                  revit bim models




Wt Fully Loaded

Avg Access Time





Note: All units are 71.26" wide by 36.4" deep

SSG-115-1310N 86.6 2,469 lbs. 6,343 lbs. 4.6 13 286 274,560 pathology blood slide vertical carousel
SSG-115-1410N 88.6 2,580 lbs. 6,752 lbs. 5 14 308 295,680
SSG-115-1510N 94.5 2,716 lbs. 7,186 lbs. 5.4 15 330 316,800
SSG-115-1610N 98.4 2,841 lbs. 7,609 lbs. 5.7 16 352 337,920
SSG-115-1710N 104.3 2,978 lbs. 8,044 lbs. 6.1 17 374 359,040
SSG-115-1810N 108.3 3,099 lbs. 8,463 lbs. 6.4 18 396 380,160
SSG-115-1910N 114.2 3,236 lbs. 8,898 lbs. 6.8 19 418 401,280
SSG-115-2110N 118.1 3,359 lbs. 9,319 lbs. 7.1 20 440 422,400
SSG-115-2110N 124 3,498 lbs. 9,756 lbs. 7.5 21 462 443,520
SSG-115-2210N 128 3,635 lbs. 10,191 lbs. 7.9 22 484 464,640

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