Bring order to chaos with high density mobile shelf file conversion

file conversion move servicesWith a never-ending space issue building within an existing file room, a large financial institution consulted storage experts about doing a file conversion. The process would require providing relocation or move services, where division specialists work as a team to keep track of existing systems placed on carts while converting files into a new system using top side tab services. This approach involves taking traditional top tab or labeled file folders stored in cabinets and changing them into side tab color-coded file folders that ease recognition. Each then could get stored within high density mobile shelving installed on wheeled carriages that run on floor tracks to ensure improved space usage. Continue reading to learn more about how the redesign helped bring order to chaos within the company.

Vertical and lateral file cabinets lined the room walls and a labyrinth formed between, causing frustration to build. Files would end up on the cabinets rather than in them due to a lack of room available. It took an emotional toll on staff while becoming a real financial burden on the organization since files could not be found within a reasonable amount of time. Clients had nothing to do but wait and that would not do. So, decision makers resolved to redesign the file room. It would feature a high density mobile shelving system mounted on wheeled carriages that run on tracks to save space while providing extra storage and creating a more efficient solution.

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Experts handle file conversion with flawless efficiency

Wanting to ensure the change would take place during standard working hours without affecting the standard flow of business, decision makers decided to bring in experts. The group chosen to handle the file conversion would need to offer relocation or move services that promote keeping track of existing systems while allowing new system conversion. A team with these exact qualifications came in to manage the transition and did so with flawless efficiency and effectiveness.

Files needing top side tab services got removed from the cabinets and placed on carts in temporary accessible storage while waiting on the high density mobile shelving installation. Experts then moved forward with converting all of the labels from top to side tab using a new label design. With the high density mobile shelving system complete and ready to use, the team working to provide the solution uploaded the folders into the system in an organized capacity.

High density mobile shelving renders more storage space

top side tab services high density mobile shelvingThe company gained two levels of filing space throughout the high density mobile shelving system. What used to serve as required aisle space rendered a more than 60% increase in linear file inches, which constitutes to over 17,000 more LFI of storage space within the same footprint and allows space to accommodate growth and expansion in the future.

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