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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Hospital pharmaceutical drug supply storage vaults keep patients safe

medicine cabinets pull out shelves

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As hospital pharmaceutical drug supply storage vaults, these medicine cabinets have pull-out shelves that provide a convenient, user-accessible work area. Staff can place material checklists there during inventory maintenance to help simplify restocking. Or, use it to reference patient charts during distribution and keep everyone safe.

Durable medicine cabinets

These medicine cabinets with pull-out shelves feature durable cold rolled steel construction and an attractive powder coat finish. Hospitals can rely on the systems to provide lasting service and save money on equipment. Personnel then has fewer to maintain, simplifying cleaning during slower times in the day. Staff unlocks the door with two keys that provide secure access to prevent medication theft and tampering. It opens wide enough with a pull handle to ensure everyone avoids injury and has full content visibility, preventing picking errors during retrieval.

pharmaceutical drug supply storage vaultsDuring use, the authorized staff has ergonomic access to a space-efficient interior with the capacity to keep prescription bottles and more organized. Store organized pill containers and other items with labels facing front or up to ensure safer handling. It helps further eliminate picking errors, increasing retrieval efficiency in emergencies. Units have welded shelves spaced far enough apart on the interior to prevent material damage while promoting organized consolidation within small, efficient spaces.

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