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High density mobile systems for storage capacity

high density mobile systems 3A multi-hospital healthcare system was seeking to transition to an electronic document management system. High density mobile systems were used while medical records for some 250,000 people awaited conversion. The systems effectively store stuff in less space by rolling together into a smaller footprint when a push button is pressed and a handle is turned. When this happens, they create additional storage capacity needed to manage record storage space efficiently for hospital looking for a cost-effective solution to off-site storage. It allowed for the hospital to follow paper file retention regulations. It also meant patient files could be moved and stored in one centralized location. This would make the switch to digital files easier and more convenient. Learn all about high density mobile systems.

High density mobile systems for improved file access

Going paperless meant locating, sorting, shipping and delivering patient medical records from three separate hospitals all, of which, were stored at seven different off-site facilities. Getting the electronic document management system up and running would take some time, due to the volume of information which needed to be converted. For this reason, the hospital decided to create a centralized document management center of its own using high density mobile systems. With more storage capacity to work with, space was now available to effectively manage record storage space efficiently for hospital wanting better access to patient files. Healthcare records could be stored closer to the point of need, allowing for file access to be much improved. Learn more about our scanning services.

High density mobile systems for increased productivity

manage record storage space efficiently for hospitalIn addition, to make the conversion process easier, the hospital enlisted the help of a subcontractor to assist with the transferal and move of all financial and medical records. A database for 10,000 boxes with printed bar code labels was created. It allowed electronic requests for boxed records throughout the entire hospital system. An automated detailed retention schedule for financial records was also provided, as well as audit trails and location guides for enhanced box management. By installing high density mobile systems in a former laundry, located on one of its campuses, the hospital was able to split storage costs nearly in half. And, because the system functions in less space than traditional storage methods, handling electronic and paper-based records could be done in one place. Areas of storage previously used for records could be converted for other purposes. This would allow for a rise in productivity.

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